Voile SuperCharger

Voile SuperCharger SkiVoile SuperCharger – Do-It-All Versatility

As ski season ramps, we’ve got a few ski reviews to share. First up is the Voile SuperCharger. It’s a carry-over ski from last season, but it would be crazy to leave the SuperCharger off our list of favorite backcountry powder skis.


Editors’ Choice

Voile launched the SuperCharger in 2017-18 and Off-Piste chose it as one of it Editors’ Choice boards.  Well, it’s no surprise that the ski continues to hold its own against a wide range of backcountry skis. The SuperCharger is little changed since 2018-19, and we are glad to see it that way. The design matches a verstile shape with a modest weight build that stays confident and responsive through the full gamut of backcountry snow conditions. Despite its name, the SuperCharger is actually more forgiving and all-round than the terms super and charger might lead you to guess.

Early Rise Tip and Flattish Tail

Measuring in at 106mm under foot, it fits our not-too-wide, not-too-narrow, do-it-all backcountry ski waist width. The shape features modest tip rocker (or early rise as Voile defines it), good sidecut and pretty regular camber underfoot. Add a reasonably flat tail, and you have a ski that rises, floats and responds to input like a modern backcountry powder ski but still holds through a turn to deliver large and small radius arcs like a more traditional board.

On Snow

The Voile SuperCharger likes to turn, but thanks to a little less rocker than say the V8 or V6, it delivers more than just short radius fun. Another detail to note is that it’s not afraid to take on some speed. Sure, it’s no damp alpine race ski, but we’ve run it hard on piste and off with smiles all around. It pairs well with mid-range AT boots for everyday ski touring and kept us happy at the ski hill in carvable conditions, too.

Voile SuperCharger: 140-106-124, 178 cm, 3.39 kg – $695

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