on the skin track in arxteryx procline ski pants

Made for Ski Touring – Arcteryx Procline Jacket and Pants

Go Light. Go Breathable. Go Far. You can backcountry ski in a fully waterproof, breathable hardshell ski jacket and pants, but I'm not sure why so many people do. Waterproof membrane shells like traditional two- and three-layer GORE-TEX — or any of the myriad of alternatives — are essential when skiing at the resort. However, they're just not necessary for backcountry skiing. In fact, they'll leave you sweaty and damp, no matter the weather. When you're working hard breaking trail and skinning, highly breathable soft shells like the Arcteryx Procline jacket and pants actually keep you dryer in all weather conditions except for rain. I have skied for literal decades in all forms of weather — stormy, sunny, windy, mild and extremely cold days —…


backcountry ski pants

Purpose-Built Softshell Backcountry Ski Pants

Outdoor Research Trailbreaker Ski Pants Review As the song goes, “You gotta get up to get down,” and skinning uphill tests more than just your legs. It tests your outerwear, too. Unlike a jacket that you can change as needed for the up and down, you’re gonna wear the same pants all day. As a result, backcountry ski pants need to… Read More

mr grippy ski waxing and tuning stands

Home Ski Waxing and Tuning Stand – Mr. Grippy

Happy Norwegian Ski Waxing and Tuning Stand If you don’t wax your own skis, it’s time to start. Thanks to the creative folks at Happy Norwegian, Mr. Grippy makes setting up a home ski tuning stand easier than ever. Mr Grippy is a portable ski waxing and tuning stand designed for home and travel use. It works almost anywhere. Works For… Read More

mountainflow eco-wax ski wax

DIY Ski Wax Kit – mountainFLOW eco-wax

DIY Ski Waxing with mountainFLOW eco-wax If you’re new to ski waxing at home, having freshly waxed skis is easier than you might think. And if you’re a seasoned wax pro, you’ll apprciate the sustainable, plant-based approach that mountainFLOW brings to their eco ski wax products. MountainFLOW launched in 2016 with a focus on creating plant-based alternatives to traditional petroleum-based ski… Read More

Swiss+Tech Micro-Plier

More Multi-Tools for Skiers – Swiss+Tech Micro-Plier

Minimalist Multi-Tool Most backcountry skiers (and bike packers, hikers, etc) will agree that a multi-tool is an essential part of any backcountry repair kit. The multi-tool category is packed with a range of useful, if a little heavy, options for backcountry use. Read our review of the best multi-tools for skiers. But the true minimalist looking to pack as light… Read More


Backcountry ski climbing skins

Climbing Skin Reglue Service – Big Sky Mountain Products

Time for a Skin Reglue? Is your climbing skin glue a gooey mess? Do your skins leave sticky residue on your ski bases?  Does your skin glue lose its effectiveness as the day goes on? Failing skin glue will put an early end to an otherwise great ski day. Whether your skins have seen too many uptracks, you’ve abused them… Read More

mountainflow eco-wax kit

Skier Gift Guide – Cool Stuff for the Skiers on Your List

2021 Skier Gift Guide What are you going to get that hard-to-shop-for skier on your list? We’ve got you covered with skier gifts large, small and literary. Happy Norwegian – Mr. Grippy – $119 Waxing your skis is easy when you have a good setup. If your favorite skier likes to wax and tune (or aspires to), Mr. Grippy is… Read More


DPS Pagoda Tour 112 – Overview

Made in Utah – The New DPS Pagoda Tour DPS Skis set a high bar for dedicated backcountry ski performance when they launched their Tour 1 ski construction in 2015. The Tour 1 skis married their proven profiles with a lightweight paulownia wood and carbon laminated core. The result is some of the lightest skis in their width class. They… Read More

classic-giver-leather-glove-product shot

Backcountry Ski Gloves – Give’r Classic Leather Gloves

Give’r Leather Ski Gloves A typical day of backcountry skiing requires a lot of our gloved hands: open your pack, close your pack, put your skins on, take your skins off, buckle your boots, switch your bindings, take a photo, assemble your shovel. The list goes on. Good backcountry ski gloves need to be weatherproof, dexterous, durable and reasonably warm —… Read More

Adventure Ride Essentials

GoSun Portable SOlar Panel strapped to bikepacking set up

Portable Solar Panel – GoSun SolarPanel 10

GoSun 10 Watt Portable Solar Panel Phone, GPS unit, satelite communicator, camera gear, headlamp, the list goes on. Carrying electronics in the backcountry is the norm these days. Keeping them charged over the course of a multi-day backcountry trip, however, is a project of its own. Portable batteries are an obvious solution and are great for a single device for… Read More

cloudburst rain jacket

Showers Pass Cloudburst Rain Jacket

Cloudburst Rain Jacket We’ve all heard the phrase; “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” And of all the ways to endure bad weather, few avtivities highlight bad clothing as quickly as cycling in the rain. Riding a bike with any real effort puts waterproof, breathable claims to a serious test. It’s one thing to throw on… Read More

Tubeless Setup Tips

Tubeless Tire Tips

Go Tubeless or Go Home If you aren’t using tubeless tires on your adventure gravel bike, you should be. Imagine bombing down gravel descents and across rough ground without concern for flats. Going tubeless is the key to reducing tire issues on adventurous rides. Tubeless lets you run lower tire pressure without fear of pinch flats and essentially eliminates routine… Read More


tales of cascadia title screen shot

Tales from Cascadia – Ski Film Trailer

Six Tales That Define The Cascadia State of Mind Cascadia is a bioregion defined by its unique natural characteristics, its people and its diversity. From the shores of the Pacific coast, to the lush rainforests, to the volcanic mountain peaks, there are tales that define this harmony. Blank Collective films embeds themselves in Cascadia in pursuit of these winter tales.

tgr stoke the fire

TGR Ski Movie Trailer – Stoke The Fire

Ski movie trailers are dropping like snowflakes. Get your winter stoke fix with the the latest ski movie trailer from TGR: Stoke The Fire Stoke The Fire – Behind The Scenes   

the alpinist film trailer

The Alpinist – Movie Trailer

The Alpinist – Feature Film Movie Trailer As the sport of climbing turns from a niche pursuit to mainstream media event, Marc-André Leclerc climbs alone, far from the limelight. On remote alpine faces, the free-spirited 23-year-old makes some of the boldest solo ascents in history. Yet, he draws scant attention. With no cameras, no rope, and no margin for error,… Read More

huck yeah crash reel ski video

Crash Reel – Huck Yeah!

Winter is solidly in the rearview mirror at this point, but here’s a little crash reel from Matchstick Productions to help you reflect on your ski season. The adage – if you ain’t flyin’, you ain’t tryin’ – comes to mind. Huck Yeah . . .

Avalanche Safety

terrain tips

Terrain Tips

Using Terrain to Your Advantage – Seven Terrain Tricks Safe backcountry skiing starts with a big picture perspective (plus reading and understanding the local avalanche conditions report). Experienced skiers often reference terrain as trumping hazard. In fact, “The snowpack is the problem, and the terrain is the solution,” is an old ski guide’s adage that informs a lot of backcountry decision-making…. Read More

backcountry radio channels

Backcountry Radio Channels – Group-to-Group Communication

Designated Radio Channels for Popular Backcountry Zones It’s commonly understood that avalanche safety often hinges on human driven factors. Ideas like familiarity with terrain, the expert halo and group communication (or lack thereof) rise to the top of the list as contributors to avalanche accidents. Broadly speaking, group communication is at the root of many mistakes. Communication alone will not… Read More

snowpack stability tests

Common Snowpack Stability Tests

Know Your Snowpack Stability Tests With the growing complexity of snowpacks around the country, it’s a great time to brush up on your snowpack knowledge, specifically common snowpack stability tests. The following video presentation of snowpack stability tests by Bruce Jamieson and Mike Conlan from the Applied Snow and Avalanche Research Center at the University of Calgary in Alberta offers a lot of… Read More

The Vault

newbie backcountry skier

Backcountry Skier Personalities – The Newbie

Backcountry Skier Personalities – The Newbie We’ve all been there. New gear or new to the sport, the Newbie is both endearing and embarassing. The Newbie You needn’t search far afield for the Newbie. This species is ubiquitous around North America and commonly sighted at sidecountry locations and roadside attractions made popular by their easy access and moderate terrain. A Newbie… Read More

rando racer

Backcountry Skier Personalities – Rando Racer

Backcountry Skier Personalities One could argue that a Rando Racer is not really a backcountry skier, and that the easiest way to take the fun out of backcountry skiing is to time it. But there’s been some bleed over between the rando race scene and the lightweight touring world, so here is the Rando Racer backcountry skier profile. Stay tuned… Read More

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