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Volkl Blaze 106 product shot

Volkl Blaze 106 – A Daily Driver

Carve or Slarve – The Blaze 106 is Right at Home By the numbers, the Volkl Blaze 106 is an intersting ski. It specs out with a 146mm tip, a 106mm waist and a 128mm tail for all lengths. It’s wide shovel and strong sidecut are the first details to jump off the page, but upon closer inspection, it features… Read More

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artilect lightweight merino baselayers

Lightweight Merino Baselayers

Artilect Boulder – Next Generation Merino Baselayers Your layering system is only as effective as its foundation. So, it pays to wear a good baselayer. Breathable, sweat-wicking and quick-drying baselayers are the key to staying warm, dry and comfortable when backcountry skiing. I’ve tried countless baselayer materials over the years — synthetics, merino, blends. Synthetics breathe and wick well, but… Read More

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ski goggles for the backcountry

Best Ski Goggles For The Backcountry

What are the Best Ski Goggles? What makes one ski goggle better than another? It’s a combination of factors including lens shape, optical quality, venting, tint, fit — the list goes on. How do you decide which goggles are best for you? Without getting too bogged down in the tech, we recommend narrowing down the lens shape that suits your budget… Read More

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DPS Pagoda Tour 112 – Overview

Made in Utah – The New DPS Pagoda Tour DPS Skis set a high bar for dedicated backcountry ski performance when they launched their Tour 1 ski construction in 2015. The Tour 1 skis married their proven profiles with a lightweight paulownia wood and carbon laminated core. The result is some of the lightest skis in their width class. They… Read More

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classic-giver-leather-glove-product shot

Backcountry Ski Gloves – Give’r Classic Leather Gloves

Give’r Leather Ski Gloves A typical day of backcountry skiing requires a lot of our gloved hands: open your pack, close your pack, put your skins on, take your skins off, buckle your boots, switch your bindings, take a photo, assemble your shovel. The list goes on. Good backcountry ski gloves need to be weatherproof, dexterous, durable and reasonably warm —… Read More

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The Great White Highway grumpy old shop guy

Questionable Advice for Ski Trips and Storm Chasers

Hitting the Great White Highway – Questionable Ski Trip Advice by the Grumpy Old Shop Guy, aka Don Pattison It’s the inevitable and ponderous start to another ski season, and I’ve got a worried mind. Driving my old Jeep over the local pass last weekend, a couple of thoughts popped out – I need new wiper blades and the good… Read More

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backcountry skier enjoying a la nina powder day

2021-22 Ski Season Forecast – La Niña is Here

Winter 2021-22 Ski Season Forecast It’s still mighty early to be shouting about favorable ski season forecasts and predicting what the weather gods may or may not bring for winter 2021-22. That said, the current ENSO research hints at La Niña conditions taking shape. Based on sea surface temperatures being near-to-below average in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific, forecasters… Read More

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10 Barrel pray for pow beer

Pray for POW Beer – 10 Barrel Brewing Thinks Snow

Pray for POW Beer It doesn’t take much arm twisting to get most skiers to crack open a beer apres ski tour. Nonetheless, 10 Barrel Brewing, based in Bend, Oregon, is giving skiers one more reason to reach for a frosty malted beverage after a day of skiing. They’ve launched their aptly named Pray for POW seasonal beer and are… Read More

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Tubeless Setup Tips

Tubeless Tire Tips

Go Tubeless or Go Home If you aren’t using tubeless tires on your adventure gravel bike, you should be. Imagine bombing down gravel descents and across rough ground without concern for flats. Going tubeless is the key to reducing tire issues on adventurous rides. Tubeless lets you run lower tire pressure without fear of pinch flats and essentially eliminates routine… Read More

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summer gear storage tips

Summer Gear Storage

How to Store Your Skins, Skis and Avalanche Beacon Over the Summer When it comes to summer gear storage, a few easy steps will make sure your backcountry equipment – skis, climbing skins and avalanche beacon – are ready to roll when the snow flies in the fall. Summer Climbing Skin Storage Tips Proper summer gear storage for your climbing… Read More

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The Art of the Uptrack

The Art of the Uptrack – How to Make an Efficient Skin Track Larry Goldie – Owner, Lead Guide at North Cascade Mountain Guides First, there was the epiphany. It was a deep day, sixteen inches of new and still snowing. The hookup began as many do, spontaneously meeting at the trailhead with the same objective in mind. I was… Read More

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GORE-TEX GUIDE – Everything You Need to Know

GORE-TEX 101 GORE-TEX is synonymous with reliable storm protection. GORE literally pioneered the waterproof, breathable membrane technology that dominates the outerwear we all use, but understanding all of the GORE options takes some research. How much do you know about all the variations of GORE-TEX? Read on to learn the details about the GORE variations as well as the latest on… Read More

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