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Most backcountry skiers (and bike packers, hikers, etc) will agree that a multi-tool is an essential part of any backcountry repair kit. The multi-tool category is packed with a range of useful, if a little heavy, options for backcountry use. Read our review of the best multi-tools for skiers. But the true minimalist looking to pack as light as possible should check out the Swiss+Tech Micro-Plier. This 6-in-1 tool is a fraction of the size of a typical multi-tool and packs several essentials into a very small package. It’s an easy addition to a repair kit for ski touring, bike packing and general mountain adventure.

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swiss+tech micro-plier compared to skeletalJust the Basics

Clearly, the Swiss+Tech Micro-Plier is not as fully featured as a Leatherman Skeletool or other popular multi-tools. Most notably, it’s missing a blade. Nonetheless, the pliers are remarkably capable for their scale, and you get two functional screwdrivers. The three remaining “tools” are less useful: there’s a 1/8-inch scale on the handle, wire stripper and a wire cutter. Good for hot wiring a car I suppose, but less useful in the backcountry. Really, you get mini pliers and two screwdriver options. For dedicated ski use, the Phillips could even be modified to be more posi-drive-like by grinding the tip of the Phillips down a few mm to mimic a blunt-nose posi-drive — the typical ski binding screw.

It’s Only $8

Whether you’re looking to carry as little as possible or just add an extra tool to your backcountry repair kit, the Swiss+Tech Micro-Plier packs the basics into 1.6 ounces (45 grams). It’s less than two inches long, and it’s design offers functional leverage for such a small tool. The best part, it’s only $8.

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