Ogso Corbets Ski – Nimble and Surfy

Ogso Corbet's Ski Review

Surf, Slash, Slarve

The latest board in the backcountry ski test quiver to get most-favored status is the Ogso Corbets. Named after the famed Corbet’s Couloir that’s accessible from the Jackson Hole Ski Resort, it measures in at 110mm underfoot. It’s a dedicated backcountry powder ski with a nimble, surfy feel and even-tempered personality that makes for effortless powder skiing.


Ogso Corbets Shape and Specs

The Ogso Corbets design matches generous rocker in the tip and tail with modest sidecut and limited taper. The result is a responsive ride with smooth turn initiation and a surfy finish when you want it. Its agile feel makes for effortless short radius turns that let you weave through tree glades. And there’s plenty of running length to drive wider arcs when the terrain opens up. Either way, the Corbets instills the confidence to make turns that take advantage of any terrain.

Don’t be afraid to ski the Corbet’s longer than you might normally ride. It fits the modern shape category that I believe should be be skied longer. The 179cm model measures in at 139-110-125mm and skis above its width class for float while staying nimble and fun at any speed. Its lightweight paulownia wood core is layed up with a mix of carbon, aramid and fiberglass. It offers an even flex with a damp feel for such a light ski that lets you ride through variable snow conditions with confidence. It turns on a dime and settles into effortless arcs of any size without hesitation. Load it up, and it responds with energy diving into the fall line with ease, so you can run it out and surf, slarve or slash at will. 

Nimble, Surfy, Powder Hound

On paper, the Ogso Corbets goes head to head with award winning skis like the venerable DPS Wailer 112 Tour1 (now called the Pagoda 112), one of my favorite lightweight powder touring boards. Both skis weigh in at about 1.5kg/ski (179cm) and offer a lively feel. The Ogso is every bit as lively and arguably more nimble in its maneuverability. Like the 112, the Corbets feels remarkably light on the skin track without feeling nervous or hesitant on descent. It’s the kind of ski you can step into and feel right at home with from first turn. Check out the Mountain Shop in Portland, Oregon or Doug’s in Hood River, or Mountain Supply in Bend to get yourself a pair. 

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