Backcountry Skier Personalities – Rando Racer


Backcountry Skier Personalities

One could argue that a Rando Racer is not really a backcountry skier, and that the easiest way to take the fun out of backcountry skiing is to time it. But there’s been some bleed over between the rando race scene and the lightweight touring world, so here is the Rando Racer backcountry skier profile. Stay tuned for the final profile, the Newby.

The Rando Racer
Competitive endurance athlete meets backcountry skier yields the unique and often quirky Rando Racer species. This growing sub-species of backcountry skier is often spotted in the early morning hours ascending the groomed slopes of your local ski resort.

Unless participating in a competitive event, Rando Racers are solitary creatures – sort of like cats – they tolerate one another but prefer to function independently. Fully matured Rando Racers are not afraid to wear spandex, but aspiring Randos often sport more softshell than spandex.

A good indicator that the skier ahead of you on the skin track is a Rando Racer is his fast pace and the narrow track set by his ultra-light, skinny carbon fiber race skis. Rando Racers do not always leave the most beautiful ski tracks behind on descent, but they are likely to be the first ones to the top of any given climb.

Rando Racers are most easily observed during uphill race events but are also commonly sighted making laps on roadside attractions and closed ski resorts. Domesticate a Rando Racer with beta on connecting backcountry ridgelines, and you just might get him or her to break trail for you.

Next up: The Newby

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Backcountry Skier Personalities originally appeared in the print edition of Off-Piste Magazine.