Cascade Volcano Skiing: Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens

high on the snow dome, mt hoodIt’s Cascade volcano skiing season, and we’ve been getting a number of inquiries regarding some of the more popular access roads for Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens.

Here’s what we know:

Mt. Hood – North side Cloud Cap Road (FR 3512): Road is closed and gated at the bottom by the Tilly Jane trailhead (trail 600A). Closure to remain in effect until further notice while hazard tree removal takes place this summer. I know, hazard trees you ask? Well, it’s fire related and there’s not much we can do except be patient and use the Tilly Jane Trail to access summer classics like the Snow Dome, Langille Bowls and the Eliot Glacier. The good news is that the snow from the toe of the Eliot up is in fine form as of May 22. Snow in Tilly Jane Creek and the trees below 6,000ft is not so great – lots of blow down and dirt on the snow but it’s pretty skiable to Tilly Jane Camp or the A-Frame.

Overlooking the Eliot Glacier Icefall, Mt. HoodMt. Adams – Southside climb access (FR 8040): The access road is closed by snow at Morrison Creek Camp – just where the road begins to climb in earnest. This sets you up for access following Morrison Creek and is nice if you plan to ski the SW Chutes, but it’s considered a pretty long approach by most. Of course, you’re more apt to have the place to yourself when long access weeds out the less intrepid…

Mt. St. Helens – Southside Climber’s Bivy (FR 830): Climber’s bivy is still closed, but Marble Mount/Worm Flows route is open, and it’s still a great access point, especially if you are on skis and can cruise the flattish approach to treeline. Consistent snow is above 4500ft.

Hope that helps folks get after a volcano or two!


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