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2016 Backcountry Skis – Ski Testing Part II

2016 backcountry skis – Ski testing part II In keeping with the first ski testing post’s focus on 2016 backcountry skis with 90-99 mm waists, here are a few thoughts on skis with waist widths in the 90’s. Generally speaking, for West Coast backcountry skiers, a mid-90’s waist on a backcountry ski is considered on the narrow side and remains a quiver… Read More

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2016 Backcountry Skis – Ski testing part I

We’ve been running through an impressive line-up of 2016 backcountry skis for our annual ski test. Mt Hood served up a classic spring mix of new snow and sunshine to help with the test process. There’s really nothing like varied spring snow conditions to run a ski though the paces. We’ve made a concerted effort to focus on skis truly designed with… Read More

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Ski Testing – 2015 Backcountry Ski Reviews

Ski testing season is here at Off-Piste Mag. And though no one seems to respect how much work it really is to test backcountry skis, boots and bindings, we’ve been hard at “work” checking out 2015 gear. Mount Hood has served up a classic mix of spring powder, bluebird days and everything in between. There’s nothing quite like six inches of… Read More

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Hybrid Backcountry Ski – The Altai Kōm

The term backcountry skiing has evolved over the years to represent a broad category of skiing from descent-focused big mountain riding to light-duty rolling hill touring. But, for many, it still conjures images of lightweight, touring-friendly gear that’s adept on the uphill and the down  – the quintessential roots of backcountry touring. Interestingly, a few companies are bridging the descent-focused… Read More

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Powder Skiing on the DPS Wailer 112

DPS Wailer 112 – Backcountry Ski Review

The office ski fleet is flush with sweet backcountry powder boards this season and with a couple months of skiing under our belt, it’s time to offer some insights. The full run down of skis includes three models that measure in at 112mm underfoot.: The DPS Wailer 112, Voile Charger, G3 District. I have been a fan of the Voile… Read More

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