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Avalanche Airbag Packs – What’s New

When avalanche airbag packs first began hitting the North American market, they were expensive, heavy and somewhat awkward in design compared to non-airbag packs. Airbag pack design, however, has evolved quickly the past couple of seasons and, though they are still spendy compared to a traditional ski pack, fit, design and pack options have come a long way. As evidenced… Read More

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Avalanche Essentials by Bruce Tremper

Avalanche Essentials

There’s no shortage of books on avalanche safety, and Utah Avalanche Center Director, Bruce Tremper, is the author of one of the best, Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain. One thing books like Staying Alive and others lack, however, is a readability and first person approach that appeals to readers with a less technical background or approach. This readable, first person… Read More

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Avalanche Footage and Imagery

It’s been a wild February and March for avalanche footage and imagery from around the world. There have been many high profile slides around North America and Europe including slides that have hit homes and ski resort infrastructure. In case you have any question as to the destructive potential of an avalanche, here’s a collection of footage from around the… Read More

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black diamond alias ski pack

Black Diamond Alias Ski Pack

It’s not always easy to let a favorite piece of old gear go in favor of a replacement, but strapping on the Black Diamond Alias ski pack has been an easy transition this season. Redesigned for 2014, the Black Diamond Alias Ski Pack offers a clean, simple interface reflective of BD’s alpine climbing packs but with key added ski features…. Read More

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avalanche safety off-piste magazine

Avalanche Safety & Awareness

Avalanche safety has been making the news more than ever this season. Given a few  recent high profile avalanche accidents (Wyoming avalanche, Utah avalanche, BC avalanche) and a highly variable and generally shallow snowpack across much of North America, avalanche safety is on the minds of many. In addition, there’s more interest and effort than ever by the media and… Read More

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avalanche airbag pack reviews

Avalanche Airbag Pack reviews

Avalanche safety equipment has long revolved around what most skiers will agree are the three essential companion rescue tools – beacon, shovel and probe. Of course, having these tools in your pack doesn’t make you any safer unless you have the knowledge to use them and at least a basic understanding of how to recognize potentially hazardous conditions and terrain…. Read More

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NY Times Tunnel Creek

New York Times Special on Tunnel Creek Avalanche

The New York Times just launched a very impressive article covering last year’s tragic avalanche incident in Tunnel Creek near Stevens Pass, Washington. The piece offers incredible depth and detail of the day, plus super impressive interactive graphics including an incredible realtime reenactment of the slide complete with skier locations that is best viewed on a full-size screen, not that… Read More

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Avalanche Awareness

The first big winter storm of the season has launched skiing around the West. With the snow comes the first  avalanche death of the season up in British Columbia. The incident involved survey work, not skiing but, nonetheless, serves to remind us that even a shallow snowpack is subject to avalanche danger. Here is a new avalanche awareness movie that… Read More

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Black Diamond Avalung - cornice drop

Avalanche Airbags

Avalanches are a backcountry skier’s worst nightmare, and the three basics – beacon, shovel and probe – have long been considered required equipment for responsible ski touring in avalanche terrain. There is no question that evolving beacon technology has made searching more efficient, and that continued innovation in avalanche safety gear is providing skiers with more options to stack survival… Read More

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