New York Times Special on Tunnel Creek Avalanche

NY Times Tunnel Creek

The New York Times just launched a very impressive article covering last year’s tragic avalanche incident in Tunnel Creek near Stevens Pass, Washington. The piece offers incredible depth and detail of the day, plus super impressive interactive graphics including an incredible realtime reenactment of the slide complete with skier locations that is best viewed on a full-size screen, not that of your mobile phone.

There’s a new saying gaining traction this season amongst avalanche educators and snow professionals: sidecountry, slackcountry, call it what you will, it’s all backcountry. And the Tunnel Creek incident sends this point home. Just because it’s easily accessible, does not mean it’s any less dangerous.

I recommend reading the New Your Times article. It puts you in the scene that lead up to the day and the event itself. It exposes the heads and hearts of those fortunate to have survived and those not so fortunate.

New York Times Tunnel Creek Avalanche Special