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climbing skin care tips

Climbing Skin Care Tips

Climbing Skin Care Tips Dysfunctional climbing skins are¬†frustrating and can put an early end to your ski tour. Fortunately, most issues can be overcome in the field or, better yet, eliminated completely through¬†proper skin care and use. The following climbing skin care tips will help keep your skins doing what they do best, going uphill. 1. Dry/clean skin glue is… Read More

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Climbing Skin Maintenance Tips

Climbing Skins Maintenance and Renewal

Climbing Skins Maintenance and Renewal Climbing skin glue does not last forever. It gets dirty, it gets patchy and it can get gooey. All of these problems leave your climbing skins performing poorly, and there’s nothing like lame skin glue to wreck an otherwise excellent day of skiing. There are several ways to improve or renew the glue on your… Read More

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