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BCA RS EXT Avalanche Shovel – We Dig It

Avalanche Rescue and Snow Pits – The BCA RCS EXT Shovel Does It All Avalanche shovels are the kind of gear we hope to never really use for their intended purpose of recovering a buried ski partner. But the shovels we all carry have many other uses, primary being to dig snow pits in search of weak layers and to… Read More

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BCA Shaxe – Shovel meets Ice Axe

BCA Shaxe The latest backcountry shovel innovation to come through the office is the BCA Shaxe. Shovel meets ice axe. Backcountry skiers need to carry shovels but never really want to deploy them for their intended companion rescue purpose. Fortunately, shovels are also handy for digging out your car, truck or snowmobile. Several manufacturers have worked to combine snow saws and… Read More

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Avalanche Airbag Packs – What’s New

When avalanche airbag packs first began hitting the North American market, they were expensive, heavy and somewhat awkward in design compared to non-airbag packs. Airbag pack design, however, has evolved quickly the past couple of seasons and, though they are still spendy compared to a traditional ski pack, fit, design and pack options have come a long way. As evidenced… Read More

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