Summits and Icefields I Ski Guide

Following up on last week’s Chic Scott post, here’s a review of the first volume of the new Summits and Icefields I ski guide.

Book – Summits & Icefields 1Backcountry ski guide - Summits and Icefields
Alpine Ski Tours in the Canadian Rockies

by Chic Scott with Mark Klassen
344 pages,, $29.95

If you’ve spent any time ski touring in Western Canada, or even day dreaming about the prospect of touring in the Great White North, you likely have a copy or at least have heard of Summits and Icefields by Chic Scott. Literally the ski mountaineer’s bible for Western Canada’s vast snow-covered ranges, the well-used guidebook is now in its third edition. Researched and written by legendary alpinist Chic Scott and mountain guide Mark Klassen, the latest edition, now titled Summits and Icefields I, adds tours, expands existing descriptions and features great full-color, digitally-created maps for all areas covered. Of note is that the new edition is now fully dedicated to the Canadian Rockies. The tours and traverses of the Columbia Mountains to the west, originally included in earlier editions, are to be part of the forthcoming Summits and Icefields II (due November 2012).

Still focused on the classics, Summits and Icefields I adds significant content to the original editions including an expanded section on easy access roadside attraction skiing, tours in and around the Southern Rockies and expanded detail on extended traverses and icefield tours. Of course, you can still count on Summits and Icefields I for complete beta on ski mountaineering classics like the Wapta and Columbia Icefield traverses, and you will now find precise hut location coordinates included where applicable.

The new addition still includes the great historical details about classic tours and grand traverses as well as information on iconic alpine huts that help define it as more than just a basic ski guide. A consultation with Summits and Icefields I is a prerequisite for any ski touring adventure in the Canadian Rockies.

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