Summits and Icefields 2 – Alpine Ski Tours in the Columbia Mountains

Summits and Icefields Backcountry Ski Guide Book

Those lucky enough to live near classic ski touring destinations like Rogers Pass and Nelson, BC are sure to have their favorite backcountry tours and ski haunts, but the rest of us must rely on the knowledge of others. And who better to get your advice from than ski pioneer Chic Scott and mountain guide Mark Klassen in their new guide to the Columbia Mountains, Summits and Icefields 2.

The original edition of Summits and Icefields has served as the ski mountaineer’s guide to Western Canada’s classic ski touring destinations and epic traverses for nearly twenty years. Now divided into two editions – Summits and Icefields 1 for the Rocky Mountains and Summits and Icefields 2 for the Columbia Mountains – the new editions offer expanded coverage, more destinations and greater local detail than the original single edition.

The new edition for the Columbia Mountains features full-color, digitally-created maps for all areas covered. Given the scale of the region included, the guide still focuses on the classics but adds significant detail and content over the original edition. The book breaks down its coverage into nine sections: Rogers Pass, Hut-based Backcountry Centers, Tent-based Backcountry Centers, Nelson Classics, Revelstoke Classics, Shorter Traverses, The Grand Traverses, Bugaboos to Rogers Pass Traverse and Backcountry Lodges.

Scott and Klassen are seasoned veterans, having literally pioneered many tours in the region and the book reflects their experience and knowledge of the mountains. They keep it up to date with pertinent GPS coordinates where applicable and use color photos throughout. Summits and Icefields 2 is your roadtrip bible when the the vast ranges of the Columbia Mountains are calling.

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