Backcountry Ski Gloves – Give’r Classic Leather Gloves

skiing with leather glovesGive’r Leather Ski Glovesclassic-giver-leather-glove-product shot

A typical day of backcountry skiing requires a lot of our gloved hands: open your pack, close your pack, put your skins on, take your skins off, buckle your boots, switch your bindings, take a photo, assemble your shovel. The list goes on. Good backcountry ski gloves need to be weatherproof, dexterous, durable and reasonably warm — but not too warm. The best backcountry ski gloves are equal parts ski glove and work glove merged into one, which is why leather gloves make so much sense for backcountry skiing. The latest pair to make the rounds at Off-Piste Mag is the Give’r Classic Glove. They’re a reasonably priced, cowhide leather glove well suited to ski touring. Using our product links helps us keep the content coming at – follow one of our links and use code OFFPISTE10 for 10% off at checkout – offer expires 1/31/22

Give’r Classic Leather Gloves $44

The Classic from Give’r Gloves is their original product. It’s, well, classic. Lightly insulate on the inside and clean and simple on the outside. The cowhide leather comes prewaxed for weather-resistance right from first wear. Arguably, more work glove than ski glove, the traditional cuffless style is actually a personal favorite for wear on the skin track and during transitions between the ascent and descent or vice versa. It offers full dexterity to manage buckles and zippers. On cold, stormy days, you’ll still want a warmer glove in your pack for big descents, but for routine laps and milder days, the Give’r Classic will span a wide range of conditions. It’s easy to pull on and off and offers a great balance of dexterity and warmth.  Better yet, it’s reasonably priced at $44. You can add your initials branded into the cuff for another $8. Check out the Give’r Classic Leather Gloves Follow the link and use code OFFPISTE10 for 10% off at checkout – offer expires 1/31/22

give'r 4season leather glovesGive-r 4-Season Leather Gloves $99

If you’re prone to cold fingers or just prefer a warmer, more sealed style, the Give’r 4-Season glove adds a knit cuff, a waterproof membrane and a heat-reflective layer. All of these additions add up to warmer, drier hands in cold, wet weather, but they also make the 4-Season a little warm for the uptrack depending on your prferences. The 4 Season makes a great glove for descents, ski hill days and for the coldest touring days. That said, it still offers good dexterity once broken in.  Check out the Give’r 4 Season leather ski gloves Follow the link and use code OFFPISTE10 for 10% off at checkout – offer expires 1/31/22

Break-in Time

Like a true work glove, the Give’r leather gloves require some break-in time to enjoy their comfort and dexterity to its fullest. We’re talking days of wear not weeks, and you can even speed up the break-in process by heating them in your oven for a few minutes before putting them to work. You can read the oven method details on the Give’r website or you can just set your oven to 200 degrees and heat the gloves for 3-5 minutes. Lay them in thumb-side up so the thumbs don’t dip down too close to the heat source. Of course, it pays to keep a close eye on them . . . Last bit of advice is to size up if you’re on the fence between sizes based on the Give’r size chart. I’d say they run a bit small compared to other brands.

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