G3 ION Ski Crampon

G3 ION ski cramponG3 ION Ski Crampon

I’ve been using the G3 ION tech binding this season in the backcountry and at the ski hill with great results. Given our less-than-stellar winter, I found I was in need of the ski crampon for the ION for a few adventures. Although the ski crampon functions much like any other AT binding crampon, the G3 ION ski crampon is specific to the ION and has a unique attachment system. It requires a small piece of hardware be added to the binding (it comes with the crampon) but the system works very well and is easy to manage in the field.

The hardware slides under the mounted binding and attaches with two screws – all of this is done without any change to the original mount and takes just a few minutes. The crampon itself is then easily clipped onto the mounting hardware and easily removed by pulling on the crampon’s attached red cord. Check out the video demo of the G3 ION ski crampon installation and removal and click on the photos for close-up shots.

If you are not a ski crampon user, you’ll be surprised at how useful these tools can be when you’re faced with firm snow skinning.¬† For those who know how functional ski crampons are, the new G3 ION ski crampon offers easy installation and removal in the field.

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