Efficient Ski Touring Transitions

efficient ski touring transitions

Efficient Ski Touring Transitions

Efficient transitions while ski touring help you manage your time, temperature and gear effectively. Check out this video of Jeff Ward, IFMGA Mountain Guide and co-owner of North Cascade Mountain Guides, as he talks us through several ski touring transitions.

Jeff does a great job walking us through the steps and thought process behind efficient transitions between ski and climb modes. The video includes several tips to help keep your tech bindings operating smoothly like keeping the toes snow-free and an easy method for self-cleaning your boot’s tech pin holes. Both of these moves will ensure your bindings operate properly. Snow and ice build up under the toe jaws and/or in your boot’s pin holes will lead to pre-release issues. The steps Jeff lines out are simple and proven effective at keeping the tech system working smoothly. Pay close attention to his point about not scratching the area under the toe piece (4:50).

Climbing skin management is mostly about common sense but specific methods vary a little depending on weather, temperature and how long you are out skiing. Jeff addresses a couple great tips for managing your skins including simply keeping an eye on the glue as well as how to keep them clean should they become iced up.

The video glosses over switching your binding heels from climb to ski – in part because there are so many different heel units these days. But, regardless of your tech binding choice, the move can occur with your skis on either before or after you pull your skins, depending on your personal preference.