Plan your BC ski trips – Whistler Area Ski Touring Guide

Whistler, BC Ski Touring Guide

Whistler Area Ski Touring Guide

The Whistler Area Ski Touring Guide provides a concise, backpack-friendly (though not pocket- friendly) introduction to the vast array of ski-touring options in the Whistler, British Columbia area. Clear descriptions, photos, and basic maps are provided for a handful of day trips starting from each
of the area’s four most popular backcountry access points: two starting from the ski lifts at Whistler
& Blackcomb Mountains, one from a mountain pass at Cerise Creek on the Duffey Lake Highway and one at the sub-alpine Elfin Lakes trailhead. The 24 total ski routes vary from mellow sup-alpine tours
to steep, exposed, technical descents. Additionally, the guide provides reference beta regarding safety, weather and other local resources. Experienced local guides and backcountry operators have vetted the guide, ensuring its clarity and accuracy.

For those confident working solely from maps the guidebook may prove a little redundant, as ski- specific topo maps are already available for the areas covered by this guide. If you’re the type who appreciates a written route description, this guide gives you the confidence boost necessary to explore new routes. While the guide seems a little thin, most skiers would be stoked to bag half these lines in a single season. This book is best-suited for tentative explorers and visitors without the benefit of a local ski partner, for whom it provides appropriate objectives and a great introduction to the region’s amazing off-piste terrain. $17,