Rogers Pass Backcountry Ski Guidebook

rogers pass guide book

Rogers Pass – Uptracks, Bootpacks and Bushwhacks

As winter approaches so does the trip planning. There is perhaps no other destination that offers better roadside access or more consistent snow conditions than Rogers Pass, British Columbia.

The Rogers Pass backcountry is one of the largest and most accessible backcountry ski playgrounds on the planet. It lies between Revelstoke and Golden, British Columbia in the storied Selkirk Mountains and boasts an annual snowfall in excess of 40 feet.

If you have ever ski toured on the Pass, you know how vast it is and how quickly you can find yourself faced with more options than you could possibly ski. One dedicated Rogers Pass skier by the name of Douglas Sproul has been exploring the Pass for 20+ years and, more recently, working to document and develop a Rogers Pass guidebook and ski atlas for the area.

The result of Sproul’s work is the book – Rogers Pass – Uptracks, Bootpacks and Bushwhacks.  This thorough guide is full of photos, custom maps and overview imagery with runs and peak names; it is the bible of the Rogers Pass backcountry and a must-have for anyone headed to explore Rogers Pass on skis. Print and digital editions are available. Rogers Pass – Uptracks, Bootpacks and Bushwhacks.  

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