Merino Rules – Showers Pass Basecamp Hoodie

showers pass basecamp gravel bike hoodie  Merino — Breathable. Lightweight. Warm

showers pass basecamp merino hoodieWool has been part of the adventurer’s layering kit for a very long time. So long in fact, it’s sometimes associated with an old school vibe. Turns out though that wool’s natural temperature regulation, sweat-wicking and odor fighting qualities are difficult to match with modern synthetics. Add into the mix the naturally soft and resilient nature of Merino wool, and you’ve got the makings for some fine adventure layers.

Over years of mountain adventures, I’ve come to most appreciate merino wool on the bike. Its combination of breathability, warmth and sweat-wicking just suits cycling really well. And the Showers Pass Basecamp Hoodie is a great example. 

Layer up

While the Basecamp Hoodie is not a snug-fitting tailored-for-cycling jersey, it’s a great layering piece for casual rides and mountain biking. The merino wool blend is incredibly soft. It’s also proving to be super durable and washable with no notable shrinkage or shape loss in the couple of months that it’s been in action.  It’s been through numerous wash cycles and tossed in the dryer for research purposes. I can report the 95% wool and 5% polyamide blend washes easily and maintains its form.

If anything, it’s actually a little too nice for most of my spring bike adventures. It’s been a wet, muddy spring here in the PNW, and it just seems a shame to get such a nice hoodie all dirty!

Daily Commute. Coffee Runs. Mountain Biking

Number one, the Basecamp Hoodie is a super comfy top. Merino is soft, and the merino blend Shower Pass uses is ultra-soft. You can literally wear it almost anywhere. But don’t let its soft touch fool ya. It’s totally capable as riding layer. It wicks sweat, lets your body breathe and naturally beats the stink that grows in just about every synthetic layer I’ve ever pushed into regular cycliing duty. The Showers Pass Basecamp Hoodie walks the line between bike commuting layer and casual office wear like a total pro.

You can walk into a meeting without looking like you just stepped off your bike. And you can hop on your bike without looking like you just spent the day at the office. Conveniently, you can also roll straight to the pub after a post work hot lap without needing to change. The merino fully elevates its wearability off the bike while being the reason you can also wear it on the bike.

The over all design is clean and practical. It’s cut a little long for coverage on the bike, and it has a traditional kangaroo pocket across the front (with zip closure). There are no back pockets like on a proper bike jersey, but this actually makes it more versatile and less bikey. Thumbloop cuffs would be a nice addition to this otherwise super functional and versatile layer. 

Merino rules. It’s the original, all-natural, sustainable and long wearing fiber. Do yoursef a favor and wear more merino. I recommend starting with the Showers Pass Basecamp hoodie.

Showers Pass Basecamp Hoodie $135

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