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smith vantage backcountry ski helmet

SMith Vantage backcountry ski helmetA Lightweight Ski Helmet for the Backcountry

While helmets are the norm for resort skiing, their use in the backcoutry is still mixed. There’s no doubt that a ski helmet has the potential to save your life, and the excuse that a helmet is too heavy for backcountry skiing is no longer a valid argument against wearing one. Today’s ski helmet designs are lighter than ever, and impact protection continues to evolve. If you’re ready to add a helmet to your touring kit, the Smith Vantage is our pick for a lightweight backcountry ski helmet. Its lightweight design offers excellent ventilation and leading impact absorption tech.

Helmet Impact Tech

The Smith Vantage ski helmet has a lot to offer helmet-wearing backcountry skiers. Smith’s proprietary Koroyd impact protection works kind of like the bumper on a car. It absorbs and disperses impact forces beyond what a traditional EPS foam helmet offers. The Vantage also features MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) to further disperse rotational impact forces. The combination of Koroyd and MIPS means two layers of impact absoption tech on top of a standard lightweight EPS foam design without adding significant weight.

backcountry ski helmetGreat Fit

The Smith Vantage literally “disappears” on your head thanks to its lightweight design, adjustable fit. A BOA® dial lets you micro-adjust the size making for a just-right fit and to accommodate a liner hat or not. 21 vents controlled by two adjustable sliders let you regulate airflow and temperature as needed. In addition to leading impact protection, Its overall weight of 440 grams (15 ounces) makes it as close to feeling like you’re not wearing a helmet as you can find in a helmet with advanced impact tech.

Bottom Line

The Smith Vantage provides multi-tiered crash protection and day-to-day durability in a lightweight design that literally disappears on your head while skiing. It pairs well with most goggle brands and is specifically designed for an ideal interface with Smith goggles. The Smith Vantage ski helmet is literally the only helmet you need for backcountry and resort use.

Smith Vantage Ski Helmet $260
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