Climbing Skins

climbing skin rules

Rule #1 –  Do not let the glue side touch the snow.

Rule #2 – Keep them folded glue side to glue side when not in use. I fold them in half as best as the wind will allow.

Rule #3 – If the glueside begins to ice up, tuck the skins inside your jacket on the descent, and or you can scrape the glue side against your ski edge – holdskin on either side of the ski edge and run it over the edge – and then stuff them inside your layers to warm up.

Rule #4 – Keep the glue clean. Things like pine needles, sap, and animal fur will compromise your skin glue.

Rule #5 – Be sure to dry your skins over night. Best bet is a warm dry room. Be sure to keep them away from direct heat sources like a wood stove.

Rule #6 – Keep the skin side away from open water. Skins ice up when they get wet. Stepping in wet snow or letting the tails dip into a creek on a creek crossing will set you up for clumping. I like to carry a plastic ski scraper and use it to scrape my skins if they begin to clump up at all. A ski scraper and some skin wax go a long way, but applying skin wax without scraping them will limit the effectiveness of wax.

Rule #7 – Long term storage. Storing skins folded up glue-to-glue is fine for a day of skiing and even for a few days between tours. But if you are storing skins for more than a few days, use the mesh skin savers to keep the skins from full sticking glue-to-glue. Using the skin savers will help extend glue life.