Climbing Skin Glide Wax and Rub-On Base Wax

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Eco-Wax Ski Wax

Last year we reviewed a product called SnowShed, a silicone-based spray for ski top sheets that helps reduce snow build-up while touring. The spray is environmentally friendly, sourced in the USA and it works to help keep your top sheets free of snow. This season, the company, now called mountainFLOW eco-wax, has expanded their line to include two new products: Spray-on climbing skin glide wax and rub-on ski base wax. Both products are built on eco-friendly ingredients, a rarity in the world of ski wax.

Eco-Wax Skin Wax

EcoWax Skin wax and ski waxWe’ve all experienced less than perfect skin glide. Typically, it happens in the spring when you move from cold snow to warm snow with your skins and they begin to ice up or clump with snow. Eco-wax Skin Wax is a water-based, non-toxic spray developed to improve skin glide and reduce snow build up without impacting the uphill grip of skins. New skins come with a glide wax treatment of sorts, but factory treatments wear off with time leaving your skins with less glide and more prone to icing.

Eco-Wax Skin Wax helps renew skin glide and reduce snow build up. The advantage of a spray-on versus a rub-on (glop stopper) is that the spray does not lead to skin fibers clumping and compromising grip in any way. The downside is that it’s not an apply-in-the-field, fix-it-now solution. It’s best applied to your skins and left to dry before use. So plan ahead and apply it the night before to give it plenty of time to dry. For best results, you’ll need to apply before each tour.

It’s easy to use. Just put your skins on your skis, spray on and allow to dry. Avoid making contact with the skin glue. Apply daily for best results. Get it straight from mountainFLOW for $14

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Eco-Wax Base Wax

Waxing skis is a ritual for many skiers. It marks the start of the season, the anticipation of a powder day and is part of the prep before a fun road trip. But there are times when a full hot wax is not practical. Eco-Wax Quick Wax offers a simple solution for keeping your skis gliding in a wide range of conditions. The eco-friendly ski base wax is made from plant-based oil and wax and comes in a nice portable tin with a rub-on applicator. It’s essentially odorless and environmentally safe.

Of course, one application does not last as long as a good hot wax treatment, but the process is super easy. Skis need to be dry and reasonably warm. Just rub wax into the ski base with the supplied sponge applicator and buff with a clean cloth. The longer you let wax sit before buffing, the better it will be be absorbed into the base. Best practice is to apply before you head out the door, but given spring temps and dry skis, you could apply in the field. Mountain Flow does not recommend using the base wax when touring as it may impact skin glue. It was designed as a quick alternative to a hot wax for ski hill days and dedicated resort skis. $16

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