Who Needs Snow – Candide Thovex Edit – Tuesday Time Waster

candide thovexTuesday Time Waster – Candide Thovex Edit

The weather seems to have turned toward fall as the calendar turned to September this year. The Northwest mountains have only seen a trace of snow but the cool temps and grey skies help fuel thoughts of the winter ahead. But who needs snow to ski. Apparently, Candide Thovex doesn’t. This clip is from 2015 but we’d never seen it before, and it’s well worth the two minutes to view.

Thovex, the French skier and film maker who brought us One of Those Days (1, 2 and 3) plus Few Words among others, takes to the ski hill in its snow-free fall glory. The results are impressive. Check it out:

If you are really jonesin’ for snow and have a spare hour, kick back and check out the full-length Candide Thovex Few Words ski movie.

Candide Thovex FEW WORDS – full movie 1 hour