patagonia guide snow pant

Softshell Ski Pants for Backcountry Skiing

Backcountry Ski Pants Patagonia Snow Guide and Arc’teryx Rush FL Softshell Ski Pants You gotta get up to get down, and skinning uphill requires breathability in your outerwear. It’s easy enough to shed your ski shell when breaking trail, but your ski pants are a different story. As a result, backcountry ski pants need to vent, or better yet, be… Read More

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Candide Thovex Great Wall

Candide Thovex Skis the Great Wall of China

Candide Thovex Skis the Great Wall of China Candide Thovex skis the Great Wall of China without Snow Candide Thovex never ceases to amaze. I think he’s actually pushing the climate change thing a bit by skiing on everything but snow while we still have snow to ski on, but maybe he’s just securing his future for a world without… Read More

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nano air vest

Layering for Backcountry Skiing – Baselayers and Midlayers

Layering for Backcountry Skiing – Baselayers and Midlayers Dressing for a full day of backcountry skiing requires a balance of breathability and weather protection. And the only way to really achieve the balance is through layering. It’s not rocket science, but it is easy to overdress for ski touring. It’s an aerobic activity, and you need to be prepared to… Read More

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abandoned - a ski film

Abandoned – A Ski Film about Lost Ski Areas

Abandoned – A Film about Lost Ski Areas Abandoned is about a crew of backcountry skiers who set out to explore Colorado’s lost ski areas in hopes to find adventure amongst the ruins. Instead, they discover the truth behind what made these areas close their doors for good and illustrates what skiing used to be like before mega resorts and… Read More

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OR San Juan Jacket

Outdoor Research San Juan Jacket

Outdoor Research San Juan Jacket When is the last time you skied in the rain? Hopefully, it’s been long enough that you can’t recall. I ask because many skiers are too concerned with full waterproof protection when choosing a jacket for backcountry skiing. The reality is that the number of days we spend ski touring in truly wet conditions is limited…. Read More

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Multi-Tools for skiers

Multi-Tools for Skiers

Multi-Tools for Skiers Three Leatherman Multi-Tools with Bit Drivers My backcountry repair kit is on the thin side when compared to many skiers, but I do always carry a multi-tool in my pack. In my experience, the highest use tools for addressing boot, binding and unforeseen backcountry issues are a scewdriver of one sort or another, pliers and a good… Read More

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Ogso Skis

Ogso Skis

Ogso Skis There’s a rising new ski brand making its way into North America, Ogso Skis. Based in Chamonix, France, Ogso offers a variety of skis ranging from modestly-waisted mountaineering boards to wider freeride designs. Ogso makes lightweight uphill-friendly models and heavier descent-oriented boards. Ogos founder and ski mountaineer, Tom Seidensticker, describes Ogso skis this way, “The skis are balanced… Read More

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Stone's Throw Ski Movie Trailer

DPS Cinematic – Stone’s Throw Ski Movie Trailer

Stone’s Throw Ski Film – Full Movie DPS skis kicks off winter with Stone’s Throw, a ski film (big surprise) that features skiing in the Wasatch just a stone’s throw from DPS HQ in Salt Lake City. DPS Cinematic // Stone’s Throw from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.

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TechCrampon 250

TechCrampon 250 – Gear Review

Ultralight Boot Crampons – TechCrampon 250 The slogan, “If I can’t climb it, I won’t ski it,” helps keep me out of trouble. However, come spring, there are situations when a steep slope may be too firm to climb, but in time will soften into good skiing. Climbing steep firm slopes requires the right tools, namely boot crampons. But, for… Read More

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roller ski bags

Roller Ski Bags

Roller Ski Bag – The Only Way to Travel A minimalist at heart, I travelled for many years with the most basic of ski bags for air travel; a single zip bag with a shoulder strap. I’ve looked on with envy at those with roller ski bags as they effortlessly negotiate the airport and car rental counters but have have… Read More

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rocker ski racks skier gift ideas

Rocker Ski Racks

Rocker Ski Racks Skis have a way of cluttering your garage, hallway, closet or wherever it is you happen to store them. We all know what happens when you simply lean your skis against the nearest available wall – if they don’t fall over right away, they will fall over eventually – often taking a few other choice items with them on… Read More

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Ready or Not, Ski Movie Trailer Season is Here! TGR Winterland

Teton Gravity Winterland It’s pushing 100 degrees outside and there’s plenty of riding, climbing, paddling and swimming still left to be done this summer. Nonetheless, the ski film gremlins are hard at work editing and re-editing last season’s footage and the first major ski movie trailer of the season has dropped. It feels like the big boys drop their trailers… Read More

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Ski the Wave

In keeping with his ability to stretch what we call skiing, Candide Thovex takes to wave riding. Seems appropriate for July, though. Looks like he’s on some sort of specialty ski, and talk about wet ski wear. Nonetheless, he makes it look fun. Check out Candide Thovex skiing the wave park.

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BCA Shaxe – Shovel meets Ice Axe

BCA Shaxe The latest backcountry shovel innovation to come through the office is the BCA Shaxe. Shovel meets ice axe. Backcountry skiers need to carry shovels but never really want to deploy them for their intended companion rescue purpose. Fortunately, shovels are also handy for digging out your car, truck or snowmobile. Several manufacturers have worked to combine snow saws and… Read More

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