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Marker tour f12 ski binding

Marker F12 AT Bindings

Marker, well respected in the alpine binding scene, first launched into the backcountry ski market with their popular Duke AT binding. The Duke filled the need for a stout, alpine-style AT binding nicely but, at six pounds a pair, few touring purists have sought it out as a dedicated touring tool. Understanding that not everyone is a Duke customer, Marker… Read More

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NY Times Tunnel Creek

New York Times Special on Tunnel Creek Avalanche

The New York Times just launched a very impressive article covering last year’s tragic avalanche incident in Tunnel Creek near Stevens Pass, Washington. The piece offers incredible depth and detail of the day, plus super impressive interactive graphics including an incredible realtime reenactment of the slide complete with skier locations that is best viewed on a full-size screen, not that… Read More

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Plum Tech Binding

Plum Tech Bindings

I got a close look at the Plum tech-binding last week when Ian Reid, director of the North American distribution for Plum, stopped by to give me the full tour. The finely machined binding goes head to head with tech-binding offerings from Dynafit, G3 and La Sportiva. I was able to spend several days on the Plum Guide (one of… Read More

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Sweetgrass Productions – Valhalla film trailer

Sweetgrass Productions steps into the world of digital cinematography with their fourth ski film, Valhalla. Shot entirely with the RED camera system, the film is about the "the weightlessness of youth, a wild tribe and one man’s journey to rediscover the bright eyes of his childdhood and creativity of every moment." Having spent two years travelling to and from South… Read More

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Ski Bumper

Ski Gadgets – The Ski Bumper

I like simple solutions to problems, and we recently came across a simple little product that addresses the age-old problem of leaning your skis against the car, only to watch them topple over like dominos. The Ski Bumper is a magnetic rubber strip that offers added purchase for your skis when resting against the side of your car. It’s nothing… Read More

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Alaska Factor Ski Guide

The Alaska Factor – Backcountry Skiing in AK

On my first trip to Alaska, my ski partners and I began referring to the scale of everything in AK as the Alaska Factor. Distances are longer, the mountains are bigger and the commitment required to complete any goal just seemed to be greater than we were used to in the lower 48. And as Joe Stock, author of The… Read More

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Tuesday Time Waster – Brogressive

Just in time for this week’s Tuesday Time Waster, the Howell brothers, aka Powderwhore Productions, release their infamous Brogressive clip – sign me up for the Tacoma policy, thanks:

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