The Alaska Factor – Backcountry Skiing in AK

Alaska Factor Ski GuideOn my first trip to Alaska, my ski partners and I began referring to the scale of everything in AK as the Alaska Factor. Distances are longer, the mountains are bigger and the commitment required to complete any goal just seemed to be greater than we were used to in the lower 48. And as Joe Stock, author of The Alaska Factor – a new backcountry ski guide to Southcentral Alaksa – puts it, “The Alaska Factor may have you vow never to come back, but if you love extremes, the unknown and adventure, then this book is your gateway…”

Joe Stock is an IFMGA certified mountain guide based in Anchorage and has completed and pioneered a variety of big ski traverses and ski descents in Alaska. He’s got the experience and credentials to put together a great guidebook and he has. From beautiful full-color imagery and large topo maps to realistic route descriptions that tell it like it is, the book delivers the goods for those seeking ski adventure in Southcentral AK.

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