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methow valley skiing

Copper Mining Threat in the Upper Methow Valley

THE THREAT: COPPER MINING IN THE UPPER METHOW The North Cascades of Washington hold some of the finest backcountry skiing in North America. In the northeast corner of the range sits the Methow Valley, a sleepy albeit "discovered" community surrounded by some the most inspiring terrain in the range. Anyone who has visited the valley, in summer or winter, knows what a rarity such places are in today's world of bigger-is-better driven resorts and disneyfication of our wild places. In April 2014, a Canadian Company—Blue River Resources—filed for permits to conduct exploratory drilling for copper on Flagg Mountain on U.S. Forest Service land, at the north end of the Methow Valley. Under the antiquated 1872 mining law, any citizen or private company can stake such claims, and the…


training for the new alpinism

Training for the New Alpinism

Book Review: Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete Steve House and Scott Johnston $35.00 from Patagonia Books “You can’t coach desire, and no matter how fancy your training plan or how high your stated goals are, it comes down to getting out the door and doing the work day after day.” – Steve House… Read More

cycling humor

Tuesday Time Waster – Cycling Humor

With ski season a distant memory, we turn to a little cycling humor to start your Tuesday.  Road biking is surrounded by attitude and mystique at the elite level. Little captures the essence of cycling snobbery like a good handmade boutique bike brand. And we are the first to dream about owning such fine examples of bike snobbery (and fine craftsmanship) and,… Read More

Avalanche Safety

spring avalanceh hazard

Spring Avalanche Hazard

As winter transitions to spring, changes in the snowpack can take place at an alarming rate, catching even the most experienced skiers off guard. Spring avalanche hazard is every bit as important as winter. By the time March rolls around, the sun is significantly higher in the sky than it has been all winter. This increased sun angle can add… Read More

knowing when to dig avalanche basics

Knowing When to Dig – going beyond avalanche safety basics

I like to start a day of touring with an innocent sounding question; “Anyone know what the hazard is rated today?” This question is a very effective way to begin a conversation with your touring partners about the current avalanche conditions. I like to follow it up with something like; “Considerable, eh? What’s our main concern?” Now, with a discussion… Read More


64 oz beer growler

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growlers – Miir, Hydroflask

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growlers The ever-evolving world of water bottles is heavily weighted toward metal, vacuum insulated bottles these days. The new breed of stainless water bottles are durable, free of chemicals and they keep cold liquids colder and hot liquids hotter than any of the basic single-wall designs we’ve all been using for years. The price is… Read More

Outdoor Research Elevator Pack

Outdoor Research Elevator Pack

Outdoor Research Elevator Pack – A Technical Daypack for Mountain Scrambling For me, summer is a time to travel light in the mountains, a time to enjoy the simplicity of the warm weather and summit views. There is something very freeing about hiking and scrambling without the burden of skis or technical climbing gear. I’ve been on the search for… Read More

backcountry ski review fleet

2017 Ski Test Beta part II

The opportunity to ski a wide variety of backcountry skis back to back for direct comparisons is the foundation of our ski testing program and our subsequent ski review write-ups.  This season’s fresh crop of backcountry skis includes a few highly regarded favorites like the Voile V6, the DPS Wailer 112 and the Volkl BMT 94 but it also includes… Read More

black diamond couloir ski mountaineering harness

Ski Mountaineering Harnesses

As a skier first and a mountaineer second, it’s not that often I use a harness while ski touring. But when the going gets technical or crevassed, you don’t want to be left wishing you had a harness with you. Here are two great ski mountaineering harnesses that give you no excuse to leave them at home. They are so… Read More


The Pucker Factor – steep skiing on Mont Blanc

Here’s a ski vid with a high pucker factor; steep skiing on the Mont Blanc massif. Of course, it’s French. It’s actually a variation of a line first skied (are rarely repeated) in 1987 by Jean Marc Boivin. French skiers Yannick Boissenot, Nicolas Brunel, Titi Gentet and Stéphane Roguet first noticed the line while skiing in the Vallée Blanche. Read… Read More

chamonix couloir skiing

More Chamonix Couloir Skiing

Here’s some more Chamonix couloir skiing footage and an opportunity to practice your French! If the access and scenery in this clip don’t make you yearn to head across the Atlantic to explore the Alps, I’m not sure what will. It’s off the tram and into the big mountains.

The Vault


Darkside Calling – Telemark vs AT

Darkside Calling – Telemark vs. Alpine Touring by Paul Butler Right before the end of the year, I went out skiing. After a week of torrential and monumentally depressing rain turned Christmas into Slushmas, cold from the east brought December back to the way it should be in these parts. Two friends and I began making our way up “the… Read More

avalanche accident

Avalanche Accident – A Perfect Storm

A Perfect Storm – Reflecting on an Avalanche Accident by Larry Goldie and David Waag Never have I fought so 
hard to suppress the 
overwhelming urge to panic. Before I realized what I was doing, I 
heard my own muffled screaming. I told 
myself to calm down. Again, I realized I was
 screaming. A few deep breaths later, I gained… Read More

  • off-piste mag winter 15/16

    Off-Piste Mag Issue 66 – Winter 2016

    Subscribe to get Off-Piste Mag Issue 66 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 66, Winter 2015/16 Issue 66 includes 2016 backcountry ski reviews Download Issue 66 in a digital page turner format

  • Off-Piste Magazine issue 65 March 2015

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 65, March 2015

    Download Off-Piste Issue 65 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 65, March 2015 Issue 65 includes Dream Job – Pro Skier Molly Baker; Guide’s Corner – Turning Around; Trouble at Tuckerman’s and more

  • back issues of off-piste magazine avalanche beacon reviews

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 64, January 2015

    Download Off-Piste Issue 64 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 64, January 2015 Issue 64 includes avalanche beacon reviews; dream job – ski photographer and more

  • off-piste magazine back issue 63

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 63 December 2014

    Download Off-Piste Issue 63 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 63, December 2014 Issue 63 includes avalanche airbag pack reviews; guide’s corner – morning meeting; dream job – ski guide and more

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