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skiing iceland

Skiing Iceland by Salomon FreeSki TV – Tuesday Timewaster

Skiing Iceland - Salomon FreeSki TV While we're waiting for the snow to fall, might as well dream about ski trips. Here's one for the late winter or early spring calendar, skiing Iceland. Iceland is the youngest land mass on earth and offers enough pristine mountains and treeless terrain to keep you busy for at least a couple-week-long adventure.  I recommend the Trollaskagi Peninsula for remote mountains adjacent to the sea and rural communities. This episode includes footage of Andreas Fransson, who died in October while skiing in Patagonia.

Buried by Ken Wylie

Buried by Ken Wylie – Book Review

Here’s the review of the new book Buried by Ken Wylie that appeared in the October issue. Buried by Ken Wylie Rocky Mountain Books – $25 January 2003 was a deadly month in British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains. A total of 14 backcountry skiers and boarders died in the range that month in two separate avalanche accidents. The first incident took… Read More

Off-Piste fall 2014 cover

Off-Piste Mag Issue 62 – Fall 2014

The Fall 2014 issue of Off-Piste Mag is in the mail to subscribers and shops this week. Hard to believe it’s issue 62, but it’s true. The cover shot of skier Will Cardamone was taken by Jay Beyer while in Hokkaido, Japan filming with the Powderwhore Crew. Inside, we’ve got the annual 2015 Ski Review complete with seven editors’ choice boards… Read More


Free The Powder Backcountry Ski gloves

Backcountry Ski Gloves

Good backcountry ski gloves need to be durable and not too warm, yet still able to handle storm conditions. Of course, a glove’s warmth rating is subjective with weather and personal preference playing big roles. Some  skiers use a two-glove system – lightweight gloves for the up and warmer gloves for the down, while others prefer to run one pair of… Read More


Backcountry Ski Packs

Last winter, we took  10 backcountry ski packs (non-airbag) for an extended spin. The line-up included packs from Arcteryx, Black Diamond, Cilo Gear, Deuter, Exped, Gregory, Jones and Mammut, Ortovox and Osprey.  Here excerpts from the reviews and a link to the full backcountry ski pack review – pdf. Arc’teryx Khamski 38; $299 Wight: 3lb The newly revamped Khamski 38… Read More


TechCrampon 250 – Gear Review

Being more skier than mountaineer, the slogan, “If I can’t climb it, I won’t ski it,”  helps keep me out of trouble. But there are situations when a steep slope may be too firm to climb, but in time will soften into good skiing. Climbing steep firm slopes just requires the right tools, namely boot crampons. But, for many ski–centric… Read More

Ski testing

2015 Ski Reviews – Off-Piste Magazine

Our 2015 backcountry ski review is a fixture in the first issue of the season (due out Oct 15) but, to help fuel some winter dreams, we thought we’d share some of the details about a few favorites skis from testing. These are our official Editors’ Choice boards.  Subscribe now to get the October issue with our full reviews and lots… Read More

  • Off-Piste Magazine

    Issue 61 March 2014

    Off-Piste the backcountry skier’s magazine, Repair-Renew-Recycle, Zed Final, Hillmap, Rogers Pass 411

  • Issue 60

    Issue 60 January 2014

    Off-Piste the backcountry skier’s magazine, Wallowa History, Touring Jackets, Zed III, Daily Debrief, Origins of Telemark

  • Off-Piste Magazine

    Issue 59 December 2013

    Off-Piste the backcountry skier’s magazine, Issue 59 December 2013, ski pack reviews, ski cutting, Zed part II, Breathe

  • op58

    Off-Piste Mag Issue 58 October 2013

    Off-Piste the backcountry skier’s magazine, 2014  Ski Reviews, Dirtbaggin, Kim Havell, GOSG, Zed part I