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t-bar films

Off-Season with T-Bar Films

With summer turning to fall and winter on the horizon, the off-season is almost behind us. The next month or two offer a chance to savor the last warmth of the sun and anticipate the ski days to come. Here's a short film that pays tribute to the off-season from T-Bar Films, an independent media cooperative founded by brothers Elliot and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray - the same guys who brought us United We Ski and Vasu Sojitra: Out On A Limb. Self-described as "documenting the human side of ski culture," T-Bar Films have their sights set on producing a new feature-length ski film this winter, and we are looking forward to it. THE OFFSEASON from T-Bar Films on Vimeo.

mag covers

Off-Piste Magazine – Print Mag Announcement

Hold on to your toques, take a deep breath; Off-Piste Magazine is moving to a single print issue per season! Don’t worry, it’s not like we’ve taken up snowshoeing; we’re still here and we’re still passionate about backcountry skiing. In fact, we’re going to fill the void with an increased focus on web content. You can expect more frequent and… Read More

jumbo wild

Jumbo Wild – Sweetgrass Productions

JUMBO WILD We’ve all been witness to the classic them-versus-us scenario of mountain development in the name of economic progress. Jumbo Wild, a new film by Sweetgrass Productions and backed by Patagonia, digs into the story of Jumbo Glacier Resort, a proposed ski resort development in British Columbia’s Purcell Mountains. On the surface, the Jumbo story is a classic development… Read More


dakine roller ski bag

Roller Ski Bags

A minimalist at heart, I have travelled for many years with the most basic of ski bags for air travel; a single zip bag with shoulder strap. I’ve looked on with envy at those with roller ski bags as they effortlessly negotiate the airport and car rental counters but have have never bought in, until recently, and I’ll never look… Read More

rocker ski rack

Rocker Ski Racks

Skis have a way of cluttering your garage, hallway, closet or wherever it is you happen to store them, especially if you are like me and have multiple – make that too many – pairs. We all know what happens when you simply lean your skis against the nearest available wall space – if they don’t fall over right away, they… Read More

Free The Powder leather Ski gloves

Leather Ski Gloves

Free the Powder Short Cuff Glove $60 www.freethepowder.com I love leather ski gloves; some might even say I have a leather glove fetish. Kind of like socks, gloves are easy to collect and justify one more pair without really rattling the budget too much. Of course, gloves can be really expensive. I remember telling my mother about my first pair… Read More

Picky Bars - Energy Bars

Picky Bars – Energy Bar

My relationship with energy bars could be described as a love / hate situation. I eat ’em when I have to and appreciate their energy to weight ratio when in the backcountry. But after decades of outdoor adventure, I’ve eaten every bar on the market and I’m picky about what I’ll use. I’m also always on the search for a new… Read More

  • Off-Piste Mag issue 65 March 2015

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 65, March 2015

    Download Off-Piste Issue 65 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 65, March 2015 Issue 65 includes Dream Job – Pro Skier Molly Baker; Guide’s Corner – Turning Around; Trouble at Tuckerman’s and more

  • back issues of off-piste magazine avalanche beacon reviews

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 64, January 2015

    Download Off-Piste Issue 64 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 64, January 2015 Issue 64 includes avalanche beacon reviews; dream job – ski photographer and more

  • off-piste mag back issue 63

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 63 December 2014

    Download Off-Piste Issue 63 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 63, December 2014 Issue 63 includes avalanche airbag pack reviews; guide’s corner – morning meeting; dream job – ski guide and more

  • off-piste mag back issue 62

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 62 October 2014

    Download Now Off-Piste Magazine – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 62, October 2014 includes 2015 backcountry ski reviews, historic patrol race, getting’ schooled, dream job avalanche forecaster and more