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Arc'teryx proton lt hoody

Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody – more active insulation options

Arc'teryx Proton LT Hoody - Active Insulation  In my quest to test and understand active insulation, I've been putting the Arc'teryx Proton LT Hoody through the paces backcountry ski touring. The Proton LT falls right in line with the Patagonia Nano Air and the Outdoor Research Ascendant hoodies. If you missed what I've said about the Ascendant or the Nano Air, follow the links and read on. For those new to the category, active insulation refers to insulated jackets that maintain breathability and air permeability, providing warmth across a wider spectrum of aerobic/energy output levels. Think of your puffy jacket but designed to breathe. Adding breathability to a jacket that is inherently designed to keep you warm may sound a little contradictory, and its a tough combo under…


the renewal workshop

The Renewal Workshop Goes Live

The Renewal Workshop Goes Live Have you ever wondered what happens to the jacket or shirt that you sent back to the manufacturer because a zipper or a seam blew out? In a few rare cases, it gets repaired and returned to the consumer by the manufacturer. But, more often than not, returned gear simply ends up destined for the landfill. In… Read More

Fritschi Tectron binding

Outdoor Retailer 2017: Tech Bindings

Tech bindings have evolved quickly over the past few years and the 2017 Outdoor Retailer (OR) show in Salt Lake offered a glimpse of the latest innovations on the tech binding front. Dynafit and Fritschi unveiled new AT tech bindings at OR, while G3 and Salomon continue to refine their offerings. Here’s quick overview: DYNAFIT: The brand that literally invented the… Read More


outdoor research ascendent hoodie

Active Insulation – Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoodie

Active Insulation – Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoodie One of the more interesting outerwear innovations in the last couple of seasons has been the advent of active insulation. This year’s OR show was abuzz with the term. What is active insulation, you ask? Well, it refers to insulated jackets that maintain breathability and air permeability, giving you the ability to wear them… Read More

Scarpa Maestrale RS and Maestrale Ski boots

Outdoor Retailer 2017: SCARPA Maestrale RS AT Boots

Following up the last post about an industry ski day spent testing the latest SCARPA Maestrale RS AT boot and the new G3 SENDr 112 ski, lets look at the latest edition of the SCARPA Maestrale. Testing new gear is always a good time, but being able to test gear with the very people who helped bring the product to market is… Read More

G3 SENDr Scarpa Maestrale RS

Outdoor Retailer 2017: G3 SENDr 112

Outdoor Retailer, the annual gathering of outdoor gear/clothing manufacturers and industry pros, was held in Salt Lake last week. We checked out a wide variety of cool new and upcoming products at the show, but one of the highlights was a day of skiing in the Uintas Mountains with SCARPA, G3 and Park City Powder Cats to test the new… Read More

patagonia stretch nano storm

Insulated Jackets – Patagonia Stretch Nano Storm vs Nano Air

Patagonia Stretch Nano Storm vs Nano Air An insulated jacket is on the must-have list for backcountry skiing. It’s the layer that keeps you warm during breaks or transitions and offers a safety margin should you end up having to wait out a repair, deal with an injury or adjust to changing weather. I’ve developed a preference for synthetic insulation… Read More

Avalanche Safety

weak layers - identifying avalanche culprits

Avy 101 – Weak Layers – A low tech approach to identifying common avalanche culprits

Weak Layers A low-tech approach to identifying common avalanche culprits – by Larry Goldie Believe it or not, regardless of what triggers an avalanche, every avalanche has one thing in common: they all fail on a weak layer of snow. Personally, I would much rather be out skiing than standing around in snowpits looking at snow crystals and analyzing weak layers…. Read More

Avalanche Safety - Keep it Simple

Avalanche Safety – Keep it Simple

Avalanche Safety – Keep it Simple NSAW, the Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop, was held in late October. As usual, the event was excellent and is a great way to jump start your avalanche safety brain for the season. NWAC recorded all of the presentations this year and recently posted them on their YouTube channel. All of the presentations are high… Read More


Vancouver Mountain Film Festival

The 20th annual Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival kicks off on Feb 10 in Vancouver, BC. Check out the trailer . . . get all the details from VIMFF

The Vault

the art of the uptrack

The Art of the Uptrack

The Art of the Uptrack Larry Goldie – Owner, Lead Guide at North Cascade Mountain Guides First, there was the epiphany. It was a deep day, sixteen inches of new and still snowing. The hookup began as many do, spontaneously meeting at the trailhead with the same objective in mind. I was with my two most regular ski partners. Our… Read More

Dream Job Avalanche Forecaster

Dream Job – Avalanche Forecaster

Dream Job – Avalanche Forecaster An Interview with ChugachNational Forest Avalanche Center Forecaster Wendy Wagner by David Waag We all appreciate the value of our regional avalanche forecast centers and, let’s be honest, who hasn’t dreamed of working as an avalanche professional. It’s all face shots, field observations and free gear right? Well, it turns out there’s a lot more… Read More

  • off-piste mag winter 15/16

    Off-Piste Mag Issue 66 – Winter 2016

    Subscribe to get Off-Piste Mag Issue 66 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 66, Winter 2015/16 Issue 66 includes 2016 backcountry ski reviews Download Issue 66 in a digital page turner format

  • Off-Piste Magazine issue 65 March 2015

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 65, March 2015

    Download Off-Piste Issue 65 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 65, March 2015 Issue 65 includes Dream Job – Pro Skier Molly Baker; Guide’s Corner – Turning Around; Trouble at Tuckerman’s and more

  • back issues of off-piste magazine avalanche beacon reviews

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 64, January 2015

    Download Off-Piste Issue 64 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 64, January 2015 Issue 64 includes avalanche beacon reviews; dream job – ski photographer and more

  • off-piste magazine back issue 63

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 63 December 2014

    Download Off-Piste Issue 63 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 63, December 2014 Issue 63 includes avalanche airbag pack reviews; guide’s corner – morning meeting; dream job – ski guide and more

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