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HillMap.com web-based mapping

In the age of ubiquitous digital data, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been slow to use digital maps and images when planning my mountain adventures. But a recent discovery, Hillmap.com, is changing how I research and plan adventures. Hillmap.com is a free, web-based mapping application that lets you review and compare terrain in multiple high resolution formats, add layers, create routes, pinpoint locations, measure slope, import gps data and even print maps. It’s a fully functional tour planning tool (read more about tour plans in Off-Piste Mag Issue 37, Dec. 2009 - available in our online archive) that runs in your web browser. Hillmap was created by backcountry skiers and climbers. According to Hillmap.com co-creator Ryan Bressler, the idea for the project started when he…

dynafit Radical ST binding

Dynafit Radical Binding Review

The proliferation of new tech bindings this past season is proof that the system has gained mainstream appeal. That’s right, the masses have finally figured out the advantages of the lightweight, tech-pivot for backcountry skiing; and the binding design has progressed far enough to appease much of the criticism non-users have weighed against it. Of course, all the new options are… Read More


marker kingpin review

Marker Kingpin Binding – Review

2015 has been the year of the tech binding. The G3 ION, the Fritschi Vipec and the Marker Kingpin have all hit the market. Marker is the first big player to offer a significantly new take on the traditional pin-tech style heel attachment. The Marker Kingpin is essentially a hybrid binding featuring a tech toe and an alpine heel connection. The Kingpin’s… Read More

g3 ion ski crampon

G3 ION Ski Crampon

I’ve been using the G3 ION tech binding this season in the backcountry and at the ski hill with great results. Given our less-than-stellar winter, I found I was in need of the ski crampon for the ION for a few adventures. Although the ski crampon functions much like any other AT binding crampon, the G3 ION ski crampon is… Read More

fritschi vipec 12

Fritschi Vipec 12 Binding Review

The Fritschi Vipec 12, having weathered a few initial glitches last season, hit the market in 2015 refined and I’ve spent the past couple months logging hours on the current model in the backcountry and at the ski resort. The bottom line is that Fritschi has set themselves up as a viable player in the tech-binding market and the Vipec offers… Read More

ski test tuning

2016 Backcountry Skis – Ski Testing Part II

2016 backcountry skis – Ski testing part II In keeping with the first ski testing post’s focus on 2016 backcountry skis with 90-99 mm waists, here are a few thoughts on skis with waist widths in the 90’s. Generally speaking, for West Coast backcountry skiers, a mid-90’s waist on a backcountry ski is considered on the narrow side and remains a quiver… Read More

  • Off-Piste Mag back issue 65 March 2015

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 65, March 2015

    Download Off-Piste Issue 65 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 65, March 2015 Issue 65 includes Dream Job – Pro Skier Molly Baker; Guide’s Corner – Turning Around; Trouble at Tuckerman’s and more

  • back issues of off-piste magazine avalanche beacon reviews

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 64, January 2015

    Download Off-Piste Issue 64 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 64, January 2015 Issue 64 includes avalanche beacon reviews; dream job – ski photographer and more

  • off-piste mag back issue 63

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 63 December 2014

    Download Off-Piste Issue 63 Off-Piste – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 63, December 2014 Issue 63 includes avalanche airbag pack reviews; guide’s corner – morning meeting; dream job – ski guide and more

  • off-piste mag back issue 62

    Off-Piste Magazine Issue 62 October 2014

    Download Now Off-Piste Magazine – the backcountry skier’s magazine – Issue 62, October 2014 includes 2015 backcountry ski reviews, historic patrol race, getting’ schooled, dream job avalanche forecaster and more