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La Graving

La Graving

Somehow, following "Downside Up" with this vid on "La Graving" just seems appropriate . . .

ski alpinism

Ski Alpinism French Style

The French have always helped to define the edge of ski alpinism (think Anselme Baud and Patrick Vallencant) and this clip shows modern French skiers pushing right to the edge. These guys are crazy, but I really like how the choice of music and their smiley, nonchalant attitudes give the footage a light-hearted tone. What they are doing on skis,… Read More

old world charm

Old World Charm

The community of Val de la Clarée, France looks like a hidden gem of old-world charm and human powered backcountry ski access. One more place to put on the list  . . .


binding inserts

Binding Freedom Inserts

There are a couple of solutions available for skiers looking to swap between two sets of bindings on a single pair of skis or use one set of bindings on two pairs of skis, Binding Freedom and Quiver Killers. I recently installed a set of Binding Freedom inserts to accommodate Marker Tours and Dynafit Radicals on a set of skis…. Read More

waterproof snowmobile bag

Waterproof Snowmobile Bag – Giant Loop Torngat Tunnel Bag

Along the Highway 20 corridor in the North Cascades, snowmobiles provide valuable access to backcountry skiing and having a solid set-up to keep your gear dry and attached to your sled is paramount. Giant Loop from Bend, Oregon makes a  great waterproof snowmobile bag that suits backcountry skiers well. A quality gear set-up prevents the miles-long yardsale of gear and helps mitigate some of… Read More

dynafit patrol jacket

Dynafit Patrol Jacket – Review

The Dynafit Patrol Jacket is a lightweight, minimalist shell designed for all-weather touring using Gore-Tex Active 3-layer fabric. As a longtime softshell jacket convert, it’s the rare day that I seek the protection of a waterproof / breathable Gore-Tex type shell. So, when the Dynafit Patrol Jacket arrived at the office, I wasn’t convinced of its utility. Nonetheless, it was noticeably light; in… Read More


Avalanche Beacon Testing

We’ve been practicing with an assortment of current model avalanche beacons for an upcoming article in the print magazine. The bulk of our testing has focused on mid-level beacons aimed at solid recreational users like the BCA Tracker 3, Barryvox Element, Ortovox 3+ and Pieps DSP Sport. All of these avalanche beacons feature three-antenna technology and a signal marking function (suppression… Read More

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