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Avalanche Rescue Shovel Technique

Avalanche Rescue Shovel Technique Avalanche rescue has several stages. The longest and most strenuous aspect of avalanche rescue is the shoveling phase. Proficient shoveling saves vaulable minutes. From where you start digging relative to your probe strike to efficiently moving snow, there are several shoveling techniques that help make for fast, efficient recovery of an avalanche victim. Backcountry Access (BCA)… Read More

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Avalanche Rescue Probe Technique

Avalanche Rescue Probe Technique Aside from trying to understand the hazard and avoiding avalanches, most backcountry skiers focus their snow safety efforts on efficient transceiver use. Proficency with your beacon is definitely important. However given a burial, shoveling and probing can easily be the most time consuming piece of an avalanche rescue. Backcountry Access (BCA) offers a number of educational… Read More

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