Roof box Modification

Rocketbox ski carrier modificationRoof Box Modification

Rooftop cargo boxes are a great way to haul skis and keep your gear out of your vehicle. I have a Yakima Rocketbox, and I use it all winter long. I have noticed that my ski edges often rust when I leave my skis in the box for multiple days. Basically, snowmelt from the skis pools in the base of the roof box and the skis end up sitting in water causing the edges rust. The more skis in your box, the more snow there is to melt and cause problems.

The Fix

The water issue is likely more pronounced in the Northwest where the valley temps are typically near or above freezing, so I came up with a quick fix to eliminate the water problem. I drilled drain holes in the bottom of my roof box with a 1/4″ drill bit. The holes allow the snowmelt to drain away.¬†I’m not an engineer, but the modification does not appear to compromise roof box integrity. Problem solved.

I drilled my box while it was mounted on the roof of the car. This worked fine but, obviously, you have to use a level of caution so you do not put drain holes in the roof of your vehicle. If you do not trust yourself, you can create a stop on the drill bit with duct tape or simply remove the roof box before making the modification. Be sure to drill holes in the low areas of the box (see photo). All told, I put in ten holes. Happy drilling.

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