Fellow Prismo AeroPress Filter

Fellow Prismo AeroPress Filter Review
Portable AeroPress Coffee Maker Made Better

Fellow Prismo AeroPress FilterFor the dedicated coffee drinkers among us, little compares to the ritual brewing of the morning cup. We all have our favorite time-tested methods for brewing coffee in the backcountry or while on the road, and one of the best portable coffee makers around is the AeroPress coffee maker. This winter, I stumbled across the Fellow Prismo AeroPress filter. The Prismo is an aftermarket filter that enhances the AeroPress and helps create an espresso-style shot.

The Fellow Prismo filter replaces the standard filter basket that comes with the AeroPress. It includes a reusable metal filter, but the more unique feature of the Fellow Prismo filter is the pressure-actuated valve in the basket. Basically, when you connect the Prismo to your AeroPress, it creates a higher pressure chamber than the stock filter system offers, creating a thicker, richer coffee than a stock AeroPress. While its not quite true espresso (read more on “espresso-like” here), you do get a nice strong brew to kickstart your day or jumpstart your afternoon.

Fellow Prismo AeroPress FilterPrismo Filter Advantages

I see three primary advantages to using the Prismo AeroPress filter:

  1. The added pressure that the Prismo valve enables results in a stronger brew than the stock Aeropress filter system.
  2. The Prismo offers a tight seal that holds in the coffee and water without having to invert the Aeropress.
  3. The filter is reusable and easy to clean.

The Process

Like any coffee brewing tool, it takes a few attempts to dial in the right coffee-to-water ratio to get a cup that suits your taste. The variables include the grind and roast of the beans being used as well as the coffee-to-water ratio. And since we all have different tastes, the process will vary from user to user. That said, I’ve found the following process works well on my side and is a good place to start.

  1. 20 grams of fine ground coffee (espresso grind)
  2. 60 grams of water
  3. A quick stir
  4. 60 second steep
  5. Plunge!

This serves up a nice stout four ounces of coffee.

Bottom Line

If you are an AeroPress user, the Fellow Prismo filter is a great upgrade to an already capable tool. Think of it as a supercharging your AeroPress. It has proven to make a strong smooth cup that beats the standard AeroPress cup in my book. No, it doesn’t make true espresso, but it’s delivers a thick, rich cup with a touch of crema-like foam on the top.

Check out the Fellow Prismo AeroPress Filter – $25

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