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Welcome to Off-Piste Magazine’s home of backcountry ski movies, ski movie trailers and related mountain films for your viewing pleasure. This where you will find ski movie trailers, webisodes and all the various mountain and adventure film clips that we believe are worth viewing.

motocycle ski races

Giving New Meaning to Mechanized Skiing

Motorcycle Ski Races Here’s a classic to satisfy your need for a Tuesday Time Waster: Vintage Motorcycle Ski Races Who knew they were having so much fun back in the 1950’s – motorcycle ski races! Given the gear of the day and the apparent speeds, these skiers are putting on quite a show. Just think, next time you use a… Read More

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A skier's Journey - ski film

A Skier’s Journey – Iran

A Skier’s Journey – The Iran Episode As promised, Jordan Manley and crew present the first of three ski films in the final episode of A Skier’s Journey. The Iran episode. “Should we go?” Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots decide, indeed, they should. Upon arriving in Iran, they are welcomed with profound warmth, stunned by the immense beauty of the… Read More

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ski film - a skier's journey

A Skier’s Journey – ski film launch

A Skier’s Journey – the final episodes Anyone who has travelled to remote locales to ski appreciates that the resulting experience is much broader than just the skiing. It’s about the adventure – the people, the travel, the tent time, the culture and the all the small pieces that make the skiing possible. In 2010, artful adventure photog, Jordan Manley, and intrepid skiers… Read More

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candide thovex edit

Who Needs Snow – Candide Thovex Edit – Tuesday Time Waster

Tuesday Time Waster – Candide Thovex Edit The weather seems to have turned toward fall as the calendar turned to September this year. The Northwest mountains have only seen a trace of snow but the cool temps and grey skies help fuel thoughts of the winter ahead. But who needs snow to ski. Apparently, Candide Thovex doesn’t. This clip is… Read More

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monumental ski film trailer

Monumental – Skiing our National Parks – ski film trailer

Monumental – ski film trailer Skiing our National Parks KGB Productions – a film production crew from Jackson Hole who have produced a few ski films in recent years have a cool new project to launch this fall, Monumental: Skiing Our National Parks. A ski film unlike any other, it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service by paying homage to these… Read More

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ski film trailers

Ski Movie Trailers – TGR, MSP, 4FRNT

Ski Movie Trailers It’s that time of year again; time for the ski movie trailers to start priming the winter stoke. Though I have always felt it’s crazy to start the stoke three or four months before we’ll actually be skiing, here are the first trailers of the season. Of course it’s still early, but the climate scientists keep talking… Read More

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slackline fun

Slackline Fun – Tuesday Time Waster

Slackline Fun Summer is in full swing in North America. It’s time to ride our bikes, scramble peaks, paddle, sail and swim in wild water. Or you could work on your slackline skills. Here’s a little vid of some creative slackline moves to work into your repertoire. Check out our review of the Gibbon Slackline Kit

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cycling humor

Tuesday Time Waster – Cycling Humor

With ski season a distant memory, we turn to a little cycling humor to start your Tuesday.  Road biking is surrounded by attitude and mystique at the elite level. Little captures the essence of cycling snobbery like a good handmade boutique bike brand. And we are the first to dream about owning such fine examples of bike snobbery (and fine craftsmanship) and,… Read More

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The Pucker Factor – steep skiing on Mont Blanc

Here’s a ski vid with a high pucker factor; steep skiing on the Mont Blanc massif. Of course, it’s French. It’s actually a variation of a line first skied (are rarely repeated) in 1987 by Jean Marc Boivin. French skiers Yannick Boissenot, Nicolas Brunel, Titi Gentet and Stéphane Roguet first noticed the line while skiing in the Vallée Blanche. Read… Read More

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chamonix couloir skiing

More Chamonix Couloir Skiing

Here’s some more Chamonix couloir skiing footage and an opportunity to practice your French! If the access and scenery in this clip don’t make you yearn to head across the Atlantic to explore the Alps, I’m not sure what will. It’s off the tram and into the big mountains.

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couloir skiing

Couloir Skiing – Euro Style

We’re not familiar with these guys, but they put together a pretty good little vid of couloir skiing in France. The Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Valley is renowned for it’s steep ski opportunities. This couloir might not make the classics list, but it looks to have the requisite steep pucker factor to make a good vid. Add new snow, poor visibility and hand-shot pov ski… Read More

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common snowpack tests

Common Snowpack Tests

With the growing complexity of snowpacks around the country, it’s a great time to brush up on your avalanche safety knowledge, specifically common snowpack tests. The following video presentation of snowpack tests from Bruce Jamieson and Mike Conlan from the Applied Snow and Avalanche Research Center at the University of Calgary in Alberta offers a lot of information, including tests ranging from simple… Read More

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freeheel stoke

Freeheel Stoke

The freeheel stoke lives on . . . for those who thought telemark skiing went the way of mono skis and rubics cubes, here’s the second infusion of freeheel stoke from Jake Sakson – the “last remaining professional big mountain telemark skier” (those are his words). In this episode, telemark skiers Jake Sakson and Morgan Boyles tackle two of Colorado’s classic ski mountaineering lines…. Read More

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telemark skiing

Freeheel Stoke from Jake Sakson

Just in case you thought telemark skiing was dead, here’s a little freeheel stoke from Jake Sakson – the “last remaining professional big mountain telemark skier” (those are his words). After years on the freeskiing circuit and a very respectable third place finish in the North American Freeskiing World Tour, Sakson has returned to his backcountry roots in search of adventure… Read More

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Great Siberian Traverse

The Great Siberian Traverse – ski movie

The Great Siberian Traverse Here’s a little adventure ski stoke from Sherpas Cinema, the crew that produced Into the Mind, All I Can and The Fine Line. The Great Siberian Traverse follows Callum Pettit, Ingrid Backstrom and Nick Martini on a 6,000-mile journey through Russia, along the Trans-Siberian Railway in search snow and adventure. The full film (27 min) is a fun mix… Read More

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