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Ski Movie Trailers and more

Welcome to Off-Piste Magazine’s home of backcountry ski movies, ski movie trailers and related mountain films for your viewing pleasure. This where you will find ski movie trailers, webisodes and all the various mountain and adventure film clips that we believe are worth viewing.

Shames Mountan, BC

In the spirit of small town ski culture, I thought this vid was pretty cool. Residents of Terrace, BC are standing up to try and save their local ski hill, Shames Mountain. Friends of Shames: A Skier’s Journey EP1 [Season 2] from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

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Powderwhore Movie Trailer

Breaking Trail: Powderwhore Movie Trailer

The Howell brothers are at it again: Powderwhore Productions has just released their 2011-12 ski movie trailer, Breaking Trail. The new film departs from their telemark specific focus of past seasons in favor of the full gammut of snow sliding tools, telemark, alpine touring and splitboarding. They remain focused on human powered access, and as the title implies, the Powderwhore… Read More

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More Ski Film Trailers

Ski film season is sneaking up on us. Sweetgrass-Productions launched the trailer to their new film, Solitaire (check a couple blog posts back for the full story) and Rocky Mountain Sherpas, the makers of many films including The Fine Line from a few years ago, has the trailer for their new ski film called All.I.Can. The new film blends the… Read More

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Sweetgrass Productions Solitaire Ski Film Trailer

Ski film season is officially around the corner. Sweetgrass Productions has just released the trailer to their newest film, Solitaire. Nick Waggoner and crew have worked hard on this one for two seasons, and the trailer delivers artful, inspiring footage that makes me want to see more. Here is the official press release and trailer . . . oh yeah,… Read More

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Sweetgrass Interview

Unless you have been living in a ski media vacuum (more power to you if you have), you are likely familiar with Sweetgrass Productions or at least their backcountry ski films: Hand Cut and Signatures. Both films offer a refreshing thematic, if not downright artistic, take on the otherwise predictable go big or go home approach to ski movies. If… Read More

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Solitaire Episode IV – ski film

Episode four of Sweetgrass Production’s 12-part webisode, Solitaire. Journey to Las Lenas, Argentina for an inside perspective on the making of a ski film with Nick Waggoner and crew. On the Road with Solitaire Episode IV: Low Tide from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

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Summit Fever Gone Bad

Well, the fickle Northwest weather is dragging out the spring snow consolidation process. Spring corn skiing has been a bit elusive the past couple of weeks. If you manage to get out between storm cycles, there is good snow to be had, but Mother Nature is serving up storms more often than calm. The northwesterly flow continues this week –… Read More

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Solitaire Episode III – The Raptor

Sweetgrass Productions is back with the third installment of On the Road with Solitaire, a 12-part webisode documenting the making of their new backcountry ski film Solitaire.   On the Road with Solitaire Episode III: The Raptor from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

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Life Cycles Mountain Bike Film

Ski season lingers on in many parts of the West, but we recently watched Life Cycles, a mountain bike film. It is not your average action film. There is plenty of inspiring bike action, but what carries the film is the stunning film work and visuals that filmmakers Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb create revolving around the sport of mountain… Read More

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Sweetgrass Productions – Episode II

Here is episode two from Sweetgrass Production’s 12-part webisode following the making of their two-year backcountry ski film project, Solitaire. Episode two sets the South American stage in Huaraz, Peru and explores the emotions of hopping off a jet plane into a world totally unlike your own. At the end of the day, most things that go into making a… Read More

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Old School Powder Skiing

I just stumbled accross this great old school powder skiing footage on the WorldWidetimeWaster. It is all skiing around the Red Mountain, BC area in the early 90’s. Funny, it just doesn’t sound that long ago, I must be getting old…either way, these folks are ripping it up!

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Solitaire – ski film from Sweetgrass Productions

Nick Waggoner and crew from Sweetgrass Productions recently announced a 12-part webisode series that chronicles the work on their new film Solitaire. Sweetgrass is the crew that brought us Signatures and Hand Cut. Here is what they have to say about the new webisode series: "On The Road with Solitaire" is a 12-part webisode series following Sweetgrass Productions in the… Read More

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Ski Movies, again.

Anthony Bonello and the self described "collective of vibrant characters" known as b4apres media have recently released the teaser to their new film, AZADI: Freedom. The film is a cultural documentary, seen through the eyes of skiers in the disputed Kashmir region of northern India. Whilst exploring the mountains surrounding the world’s highest skiable gondola, the crew meet vibrant local… Read More

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More Ski Movies

There are more ski movie teasers coming our way. Of course, there are the usual big name ski flims, but we have had a couple more interesting titles come our way. A new documentary on Ruedi Beglinger (guide and owner of Selkirk Mountain Experience), Life Ascending, profiles Beglinger and touches on the tragic day  in 2003 when an avalanche took… Read More

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Ski movies knockin' at the door

Ski movies knockin’ at the door

It is that time again, the time when the ski industry comes out of hibernation. Powder magazine arrived last week. Backcountry arrived this week and Noah Howell from Powderwhore just launched the trailer to their latest film, Television. That’s Tele-Vision for those of you who are not in the freeheel mode yet. Although I am quite content with summer as… Read More

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