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outdoor research trailbreaker jacket

Backcountry Ski Jackets

Backcountry Ski JacketsShell Jacket 101 Hardshell – We define a hardshell as any waterproof / breathable jacket that features waterproof membrane construction like GORE-TEX®. It’s essentially a sandwich featuring an outer face material, a waterproof/breathable membrane and a backer material. Hardshell materials have come a long way in recent years to offer softer, less hardshell feeling materials. High-end three-layer hardshells… Read More

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freeheel stoke

Freeheel Stoke

The freeheel stoke lives on . . . for those who thought telemark skiing went the way of mono skis and rubics cubes, here’s the second infusion of freeheel stoke from Jake Sakson – the “last remaining professional big mountain telemark skier” (those are his words). In this episode, telemark skiers Jake Sakson and Morgan Boyles tackle two of Colorado’s classic ski mountaineering lines…. Read More

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petzl tikka

Backcountry Skier Gift Ideas

Here’s a few backcountry skier gift ideas from the product testing crew at Off-Piste Mag: Petzl Tikka Headlamp: We’ve abused a lot of different headlamps over the years and hands down the most reliable and functional headlamp we’ve used is the Petzl Tikka. It’s a great blend of compact brightness and just enough options to make it usable for almost… Read More

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telemark skiing

Freeheel Stoke from Jake Sakson

Just in case you thought telemark skiing was dead, here’s a little freeheel stoke from Jake Sakson – the “last remaining professional big mountain telemark skier” (those are his words). After years on the freeskiing circuit and a very respectable third place finish in the North American Freeskiing World Tour, Sakson has returned to his backcountry roots in search of adventure… Read More

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Outdoor research trailbreaker pants

Outdoor Research Trailbreaker Pants

Outdoor Research Trailbreaker Pants Review As the song goes, “you gotta get up to get down” and breaking trail tests more than just your legs; it tests your outerwear, too.  Backcountry ski pants need to breathe while you go up and protect from the elements on the up and down. I’ve long been an advocate of softshell materials for backcountry skiing… Read More

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