Revenge of the Telemarkers – a telemark ski movie

telemark ski movieTelemark Ski Movie

Free the heel and the mind will follow . . . was the mantra of the the telemark movement as it took hold in the 80’s and 90’s. And for those who embraced the early freeheel days, it took an open mind to will those long, narrow skis into action with a set of leather lace-up boots. Strong thighs helped too.

If you are old enough to have learned to telemark ski in the 1980’s, you might remember the humorous and instructional film, Revenge of the Telemarkers. It showcased the best freeheel skiing of the era and helped spread the telemark ski gospel back in the day. Dear Dr. Telemark . . .

If you weren’t in the freeheel loop at the time or you’ve never telemark skied, you still need to watch this. It’s a classic ski film. You can order the full DVD from Dickie Hall (the man behind the movie) at the North American Telemark Organization.


revenge of the tele markers a telemark ski movie from Dickie Hall on Vimeo.

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