First Avalanche Death of the Season – RIP Trevor Sexsmith

trevor sexsmith

Trevor Sexsmith, RIP (facebook)

RIP Trevor Sexsmith
Sept 25, 2106

There is no shortage of impressive ski athleticism these days, but every now and then you come across a skier who’s passion for the mountains reflects more than just strong ski skills. Trevor Sexsmith was one of those skiers. He has been quietly skiing impressive lines with inspiring enthusiasm from his home in Golden, BC and documenting his adventures with action-filled edits and details on Sexsmith, 27, died Sunday, September 25 after being swept over steep terrain while looking to ski Mount Victoria’s East Face.

I did not know Sexsmith, but I recently came across a couple of his self-made edits documenting recent ski mountaineering objectives. And by recent, I mean the past few weeks. Sexsmith took advantage of recent highcountry snows to climb and ski some big objectives in the Canadian Rockies. There is no doubt that he was pursuing lines of consequence. Nonetheless, his enthusiasm and spirited outlook are what struck me.  This is a guy who skis because it makes hime whole.

His enthusiasm for the mountains should serve to inspire, while his death should remind us that there are objective hazards in the mountains, no matter the season.

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September pow on Mt. Warren from Trevor Sexsmith on Vimeo.