The Best Socks for skiing

Socks are low on on the gear glamour scale, but a fresh pair of quality socks feels mighty nice sliding into a pair of boots. A good pair of ski socks can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day of skiing. From comfort to longevity, quality socks out perform cheap socks. The tight weaves and durable wools of a good sock reduce friction and increase comfort. Course weaves and worn out socks can lead to blisters and fit issues.

Over the years I have had an opportunity to use a wide variety of socks. My experience has been that you get what you pay for. Inexpensive house-brand socks wear out quickly. I am lucky to get a single season on a pair of REI type socks before I wear holes in the heels or toes, but I can get multiple seasons of use on a pair of high quality merino wool socks.

There are three sock brands that have stood out over the past few years: Bridgedale, Darn Tough, and Icebreaker. All three of these companies’ socks have stood the test of time. They use high quality materials, tight weaves, and last multiple seasons. You can spend less on a sock, but I have found the lifespan of the sock is directly related to the sock’s price.

I have a couple pairs of Bridgedale socks that have been in use going on three seasons, and they are still my primary socks of choice. Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont and are every bit as durable. Icebreaker is a little newer on the North American scene, but their socks have also proven to offer long wearing durability.  All three companies offer a variety of weights and styles, all with various points of cushioning and performance features. Performance features in a sock is pushing the marketing bs for me, but given your feet and your fit needs, you can find a sock that suits your needs and likely improves your ski boot comfort. I recommend a light to moderate weight sock with subtle shin cushioning or uniform weight throughout. Do yourself a favor, use quality socks.