Sorcerer Lodge Fall Update

We recently heard from Tannis up at Sorcerer Lodge near Golden, BC. She and a crew of folks just wrapped up their 21st annual (more or less) fall work trip (repair, replace and repaint) up to Sorcerer Lodge to finalize their project list for the coming winter season. Here is what Tannis has to say . . .

“Projects this year included sprucing up the sauna, refinishing the pantry and power system room, building new shelves, and pretty much painting and varnishing the whole lodge. We also continued our experiment with outhouse composting. With the help and advice of Geoff Hill, a UBC PhD candidate who is carrying out research on human waste management systems located off-grid and at elevation, we are trying to incorporate worms into our system. Although we are fairly confident that the worms will not survive the extreme winter temperatures up at the lodge, it is possible that their eggs may be able to survive. If that’s true, we can hope to find a new population thriving throughout each spring, summer and fall.  Goodness knows there is enough for them to live on! I’ve decided that ski tourers eat more than anyone else on the planet (except possibly sumo wrestlers).  We will let you know of the fate of our worms next summer.


Nordic Glacier Selkirks, BC We would also like to report that the big snows of last winter were treated to an extremely cool and wet spring and summer up here. Much of Nordic Glacier retained a covering of snow throughout the season, and with early snowfall already, we’re heading into this winter with very good coverage on the ice. Check out the picture, it’s a great start to the coming season. 


And finally, I never miss an opportunity to chastise all the mountaineers who quit skiing early! We did a May 17th – 24th trip in powder this year! If you really want to get up the big peaks and travel fast and easily in long days of sunshine, you need to keep your mountain bike hanging in the garage and your skis on your feet. You don’t get to be barefoot, drinking Margaritas on the deck in the sunshine in February in the alpine!  Check in for some screaming spring deals!”
– Tannis