Snow in Idaho

We just heard from Chuck at Payette Powder Guides, a relatively new backcountry hut operator in Idaho. Sounds like they have been gearing up their operation for the season and have had the first significant snowfall of the season to boot. Here is what Chuck has to say:

Winter has arrived in the mountains! Last week we received a foot of snow at Lick creek Summit, and we made a trip to the yurts to shovel and make final preparations for winter.

Fortunately, we had our annual wood party in early October and, with the help of lots of hard working friends, managed to stuff every nook and cranny under our yurt platforms with plenty of fire wood for the upcoming winter. Located about 15 miles northeast of McCall, Idaho in an area that burned heavily in the 1994 Blackwell fire, we have plenty of standing dead trees to choose from.

Skiing the burn is surreal and unique. We love it. There are just enough snags left to help anchor the snowpack and provide much needed definition for good visibility on a powder day.

With a moderate to strong La Nina weather pattern forecast for the Pacific Northwest, we just might be skiing this month!