Ski Trab Stelvio Light XL

Ski Trab Stelvio XL A pair of the new Ski Trab Stelvio Light XL’s showed up just in time for the holidays here at Off-Piste Mag HQ. If you are not familiar with Trab’s Stelvio line, it is a bit of a departure from their standard ultra-light rando race fare and features what I think is a very cool, traditional wood veneer topsheet.

The Stelvio Freeride has been around for a few seasons now and last season they introduced the Stelvio light – a lightweight construction version of the 84mm waisted Stelvio Freeride. The Stelvio is a great all around ski. I have toured on them in every condition imaginable, but at 84mm underfoot they get overlooked by many North American skiers as being too narrow. Why ski 84mm when you can ski 90-100+ right? Well, there are many sides to that debate, but in the meantime, Trab introduced the Stelvio XL which measures in at 90 mm underfoot – 125/90/112 – a great all around touring dimension.

The XL skied well in last spring’s ski testing. It offered up nice round turns with a medium radius bias. It’s light swing weight allow it to come around quickly when needed, but it will run it out pretty well, too. I am stoked to get this pair mounted up and in the snow. Did I mention they are beautiful! More details to follow.

Ski Trab Stelvio XL backcountry ski