Ski Rocker 101

Ski Rocker 101The October 2010 issue of Off-Piste (#46) included an article called Rocker 101 explaining ski rocker design and its importance.  The piece has garnered a lot of requests for copies of the magazine. Written by Jeremy Rooper from the Mountain Shop in Portland, Oregon, Rocker 101 offers a window into the evolution of ski design and the rise of rockered skis.

I had originally asked Jeremy to put together a paragraph on how rocker¬† influences ski length choices. Well, I should have known that when I asked a 20+ year veteran of the ski industry a question like this, I might get more than I asked for, and I did. Jeremy’s article is a must read for anyone interested in rockered ski technology. In fact, the article may even convince a few misanthropic old schoolers to at least consider the merits of ski rocker. If you are not a subscriber, consider kicking down and getting the best in grassroots ski culture delivered to you door.

Read the full article on ski rocker technology here: Rocker 101