Ski Mountaineering Pioneer Chic Scott

Off-Piste Mag Issue 52 (January 2012) featured an article about Chic Scott, pioneering Canadian alpinist, skier and now historian of all things mountain in Canada.

Scott and a crew of ski partners were the first skiers to complete several of Canada’s great ski traverses in the 1960’s and 70’s. He’s also the author of many books including Powder Pioneers, Deep Powder and Steep Rock as well as Summits and Icefields, which has become the bible for skiing Western Canada’s vast snow-covered ranges. Now in its third edition, Summits and Icefields has been split into two volumes, one dedicated to the Canadian Rockies and one dedicated to the Columbia Mountains. The first volume, focused on the Rockies, was released last winter, while the second volume, focused on the Columbia Mountains, is due this fall. You can read our feature article about an evening with Chic Scott here.

Chic Scott’s dedication to documenting the history of Canadian skiing and mountaineering is impressive. Check out this great short meditation on mountains, culture and history featuring conversation with Scott.

The Gift from Andrew Querner on Vimeo.

A meditation on history, community identity, and mountain climbing with Chic Scott.

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Summits & Icefields 1: Alpine Ski Tours in the Canadian Rockies

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