Ski Culture – Kootenay Style

If you have ever travelled through interior British Columbia and skied in or around the snow filled Kootanays, you have likely seen Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine (KMC). It is an artfully created print mag that revolves around living life in the Kootenays – life inextricably linked to ski culture, mountains and the pursuits therein.

West Kootenay based ski photographer Dave Heath, well known for his work in Powder and Bike magazines as well as Kootnay Mountain Culture magazines, put together a creative little slideshow of his work for a KMC event this winter. He’s got an eye for capturing life in the mountains. Heath’s brother, Bill Heath, is the man behind ski movies Sinners, Nine Winters Old, and Ski Your Ass Off. Apparently, talent runs in the family . . . check out Dave’s Groovy Little Slideshow of Kootenay ski culture.

A Groovy Little Picture Show from dave heath on Vimeo.