NW Mountaineering Journal, Freeheel Life

The latest edition of the Northwest Mountaineering Journal is now availalable. The online publication is the work of Lowell Skoog and other dedicated skiers and mountaineers around the northwest. They do a great job of keeping tabs on cutting edge ascents and descents around the Cascades as well as offering quality features related to northwest mountain culture. For starters, I recommend checking out the short reports. It offers a collection of interesting descents in the Cascades.


In other seasonal news, we have snow in the forecast here in the northwest and we actually had some rain last night – maybe the second time since June. With the snow comes more ski movies. Josh Madsen sent us a copy of Freeheel Life and fromt eh trailer it looks like a good window into the progressive telemark world. Madsen is an accomplished skier in his own right and I look forward to checking out the new film.