New used gear site

Strike out at the local ski swap this year? Still trying to sell some ski gear? is a new internet based classified ad outlet that is looking to become your goto spot for ski gear sales; call it a ski-centric Craigslist. The site was created to provide the best venue by which people who are passionate about skiing and snowboarding can buy and sell new and used ski gear in their local communities.

Locally-based transactions benefit your town and the broader environment by:


•    Recycling and reusing ski and snowboard gear
•    Reducing environmental impacts of having to ship gear
•    Keeping the money in the community which strengthens local economic vitality
•    Strengthening interactions between local skiers and boarders in a community
•    Plus -You keep all the money, takes nothing’s goal is to provide a unique online community where you can exchange a large variety of ski equipment at affordable prices, right where you live. Spread the word.


Feel free to contact the folks behind the site at info @ localskigear dot com. They promise to respond promptly, unless it is a powder day…