Mount Rainer Climbing Fees

Cascade Volcano Skiing - Art by Jason Leslie

Mount Rainier National Park just announced their new 2011 climbing permit fees. The new fee is now $43 (up from $30 last season). The permit is valid until December 31 of the year purchased, so if you are a regular user or are shut down on your first foray above 10,000 feet, you can try again with the same permit. According to Park officials, the price increase was needed to cover the rising costs of administering the climbing program. Nearly 11,000 people attempted to climb Mount Rainier in 2010. Read the full explanation of Rainier’s cllimbing fees here.

The climbing program at Rainier is more extensive than any of the other Cascade volcanoes. But almost all of the volcanoes require a paid permit to climb or ski above treeline. The exception is Mount Hood. Hood requires registering for a permit, but permits are free. Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens and Mount Shasta all require paid climbing permits.

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