Mount Carlyle Lodge

I should be writing up the interesting gear from the trade show, but instead I am learning how to process video off a GoPro Hero HD Cam. I have had the GoPro Cam on a couple of trips so far, but I have just taken the time to process the video.  Pretty nice little cam. Llittle being the key word, the GoPro Hero fits in a jacket pocket . Of course, it works best when not in your pocket.

I ran it in this video using the headband attachment. I do not ski with a helmet, so the head strap was very handy and easy to use. It takes a test or two to nail down the proper angle for the camera, but once you figure it out, it only takes a single button to activate the cam. I ran it on the default settings for size and frame rate.

Check out this vid of skiing up at Mount Carlyle Lodge in British Columbia a couple weeks ago. We had plenty of snow, and the terrain was excellent, too. The lodge is under new ownership. Brian Cross, aka the Bald Bomber and co-owner of Valhalla lodge (see crazy, flying bearded guy in banner ad to the right), took over the lodge this fall. This footage is from one of my favorite runs in the boulder field.