Shane McConkey Movie – You have One Life. Live it.

Shane McConkey helped push the sport of skiing to new levels and is widely credited with innovating fat skis and rocker ski design. He also pushed the sport of BASE jumping into the public eye, pioneered ski-BASE jumping and, after watching the new movie McConkey – You have one life. Live it. by Matchstick Productions, you’ll appreciate that he was way ahead of his time documenting every stunt and event possible on video, too. Sadly, he died in 2009 while doing a ski-BASE jump in Italy.

Shane McConkey’s ski and stunt legacy is long and well deserved, but does that translate to over 100 minutes of engaging footage and stories? The answer is yes. Matchstick Productions (MSP) has a history with Shane McConkey and it shows in the film.  MSP worked with him throughout his ski career and reached out to his family and friends for pointed interviews, touching stories and a great collection of Shane’s home videos in addition to the high quality footage in the MSP archives.

If you only know of McConkey from a few ski film clips, the film will give you a new appreciation for a guy who skied and pushed the adventure envelope as a way of life, and like few others. If you are well versed in his exploits, the film sheds light on Shane the person and how, in his words, he lived for “maximum enjoyment” in life. Insights and interviews with family, friends and peers celebrate his achievements, his notorious sense of humor and his impressive contributions to the sport of skiing. They also acknowledge the risks inherent in his chosen path.

McConkey the individual is as engaging and entertaining as the footage of him skiing and BASE jumping is mind bending. Sadly, Shane McConkey is now part of ski history, but the film McConkey offers an endearing and pointed celebration of his legacy.