Field Report From Sorcerer Lodge

We heard from Tannis up at Sorcerer Lodge near Golden, BC last week.  Here is what she had to say about the conditions in January…

My week in Jan at Sorcerer was excellent! We had better than average stability, excellent skiing and sunshine! What more could you hope for! The following week, however, was a bit more of a challenge. The Dec 29 surface hoar layour was hammered by over a meter of heavy new snow and became very reactive. The group had great tree skiing for the week but was unable to push up onto the glaciers as the weak layer was reactive.

Things seem to be settling out now and improving with time so the skiers were up on the ice yesterday in excellent conditions. They are being conservative and cautious still but enjoying better weather for sure! Please refer your readers to for details on Sorcerer’s conditions etc. This is a valuable link to several lodges in the area as well as a few more sprinkled across the province. Updated daily – at least for Sorcerer!

Cheers, Tannis