Dynafit Radical Binding

In other interesting product news form the tradeshow, Dynafit showed a new binding design evolution that they are calling the Radical. The Radical design uses newly designed toe and heel pieces. The new design creates new stops or towers on the toe that help with boot alignment, or in Dynafit’s words, allow for step-in functionality. The Radical also introduces new climbing towers on the heel. The new set-up uses two seperate flip-up climbing aids that eliminate the quintessential Dynafit move of turning the heel to change your heel height.

The new design is available in several models ranging from a new burly Radical with torsion bar to the standard fare akin to the current Vertical models and even a Radical Speed model for the gram counters. I could go on to explain all of the details, but you can glean all of the beta from the Dynafit video posted on Youtube.